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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 12:07PM :

In Reply to: Paul O'Brilliant Younan ? posted by andreas from ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 7:16AM :

: Paul Younan:

: Isn't that the brilliant gentleman who once remarked that (god/trickster or whatever) Ashur is now squatting on a perch in hell?

++++You have hurled more insults at us than anyone, the biggest one being the way you lecture us using the words of others...and yet we tolerate you. That's because this is an Assyrian/Chaldean site...not a Christian one like all the others.

+++You should have the integrity Paul has in his toe. I don't dislike people as people. It isn't Paul's fault the Christians got a hold of him when he was a kid. Which of us has been raised by an Assyrian...which of us has spent any time in an Assyrian Cultural Center? Which of us has seen one...where is there one...what would be in it, besides a device used for executing people 2000 years ago and an American flag anyway? Maybe a plywood king or two.

+++The idea that one's's system of beliefs, is at the core of one's identity isn't a new one. What is uniquely preposterous in our world view is that dumping our richest heritage, the one we built when we maintained faith with our Assyrian religion...made no difference at all to our being Assyrian...and neither did adopting a Jewish religion and god and son make us any the less Assyrian...makes us stupid beyond belief.

+++People who maintain these ideas are going to be crazy...they are going to behave exactly as we have...and still do.

+++It isn't that Assyrians can't go over to other's their INSISTANCE that going over to Christianity made them even MORE Assyrian....and made them the ONLY Assyrians...and anyone not being Christian...or being so stupid as to believe in Ashur...or stupider for believing in Muhammad cannot be Assyrian. And further...that when Christian Assyrians take sides with other questionable C hristians against their own people and Heartland and treasures...that this is proof positive of their love for Assyria.

+++Ashur was inclusive...he accepted all people and ideas...even the idea that he could evolve into a she. Now THAT'S a god worth the trouble. This jealous insane bloodthirsty tribal chieftan who came out said only the Jews were his people is about as far from Ashur as can be. Clearly anyone leaving a garden in Assyria/Babylonia to go dwell on a dunghill ouside Galilee has "issues" self-loathing for one big one, and not enough sense to tell gold from the spray painted variety.

-- pancho
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