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Posted by Tony Zango BeitMalo from ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 12:31PM :

In Reply to: Can't Stand...we hope posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 11:50AM :

Its amazing!

The President of the U.S. and all those men/women around him(his cabinet) don't give a shit about public views.

These Warmongers in the White House know who and what the Butcher of Third World has done and what he is capable of doing . watch out! his backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Henry is a great manipulator and this 9/11
investigation will give him another chance to serve his party and save his neck.

He has been sued by a number of people and he is considered as war crimininal outside of the U.S. borders.


: More and more people are waking up. Appointing Kissinger helped. Now you KNOW there's something rotten.

: Reminds me of Watergate...firing people of integrity...sticking hacks in place. People stood up to Nixon finally. When will it come this time?

: This time Americans have to stick together. When someone is detained for writing or thinking evil attention...listen up. If we don't stand behind one another they'll pick us off one by one. Don't make the mistake of thinking the other guy deserved it...that they'll never come for you. Paranoia feeds on itself...after the laws are bent and broken to get those "other" guys...there will still be the fear that people like you, the "innocent" ones must just be more clever and devious. Tyrants are like are Republicans. When they come for you the laws will be even less able to protect fact "getting" you will be entirely legal by then.

: You suppose there were any cynnical people and conspiracy theory nuts in Berlin in 1936...or were they all happy and "realistic"?

: This tendency in the human bean to be cruel and devious and dishonest and murderous hasn't gone away...not at all. If anything it has become more pronounced and pervavise...just better managed is all. It's no joke. We don't have to be marched off to concentration camps...a chill will descend on all of us...we'll go along to get along, and the climate will slowly change, ever so slowly, yet those who feed on these things will never feel there will only be more of it. And the absolute worse thing to happen will be that GOD will be conscripted to bless the whole thing...and you know what HE's like!

-- Tony Zango BeitMalo
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