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Posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 12:33PM :

In Reply to: Canadians to lead weap inspect team into USA posted by andreas from ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 4:11AM :

The following people have answered the call of duty and signed on as Voluntary Weapons Inspectors:

# Name city province comments
301 Florence Wolff Denver CO I do so hope you are serious about this. Some of us in the USA know what a danger Bush really is.
299 Susan Star Toronto ON
298 David Hart Vernon BC This is a sorely needed inspection process, to the worst rogue nation on the Earth
296 Raymond Vickery Victoria BC All rogue states must be treated equally.
294 Phyllis Reeve Gabriola Island BC
290 Lemay Jean-Frédéric Québec PQ Je crois qu'il est temps que la justice internationale s'applique à tous et non pas aux ennemis d'un mégalomane seulement.
289 sheila eskenazi Ste-Agathe-des-Monts PQ It is only by standing up and speaking our for what is right will we be able to make changes to our world.
288 Christy Knockleby Calgary AB Wonderful idea...
286 Margo Menconi Berwyn Heights MD This is great. I'm in the Washington, DC area. Surely you will be inspecting here... Keep me informed.
285 Vicki Lewin Ryder Rochester NY I'm ready to do my part to make the world a safer place for my grandchildren.
282 janet hosking london UK
281 Grace Reid North Perth W Australia I support your efforts to help the Bush regime remove the plank from its eye.
280 Stephanie Strong
279 Robert Johnson Saint John NB Go for it! Keep us informed. Great idea!
274 Brad Mackenzie Vancouver BC
273 Macdonald Stainsby Vancouver BC We can no longer allow great nations holding terrible weapons of mass destruction to hold the world hostage
271 NOR AZAM SAID Off Jln Lingkungan Golf,Seksyen U2,Shah ALAM,SELANGOR SELANGOR JUST DO IT !!
270 Anthony Dean Canberra ACT Gotta love Hypocrisy! One rule for US, another rule for the rest of them.
269 David Creighton Ottawa ON ALL weapons of mass destruction shall disappear, and soon.
266 karel vanspringel 2900 schoten
265 Gayle Mather Port Augusta I think the Bush Administration is the biggest threat to world peace. However, our PM is going all the way with George W!! and that makes Australia part of the threat.
263 Julie Gelfand Rochester NY
262 Tania La Salle Vancouver BC
261 Don Barry, Ph.D. Ithaca NY International standards must be applied uniformly to have any validity. The unilateralism of the current U.S. administration is directly contrary to this principle.
258 Shannon Calvert ON
256 Dr. John M. Clearwater Ottawa ON author: Canadian Nuclear Weapons. US Nuclear Weapons in Canada.
254 Marsha McClelland Cuyahoga Falls OH I will pass this on to my list of many groups individuals and organizations...Turn about's fair play...Bush is bad...I pray he sees the light...But not the nuclear type
253 Craig Mathie Brisbane excellent work.please do not flood my email
252 Zeb Shaw
249 Barry Weisleder Toronto ON Rooting out evil should begin at home, and close to home. Stop the U.S.-led war on Iraq! Break the Canadian state from the U.S. war machine and U.S.-led military alliances.
248 Mark Hudson Eugene OR This is a great idea! I can't wait to see what Bush's reaction is when the inspectors want to make sure that there are no weapons production sites in the Lincoln Bedroom or under the Oval Office.
246 James Gordon ON
244 Maxine Carpenter BC
243 David Craford Montreal PQ thak you for doing this !!! peace and freedom to all!!
242 riel brown toronto ON
241 Graham Knight London
240 Cameron Ross Toronto ON Good idea :)
238 Jean Reynard London I want to believe that this can make a differemce
237 Gwendolyn Noel ON
235 Sid Shniad Surrey BC
234 Inigo Ballester Madrid Should we search under The Oval Room carpet?
231 mikee mike
230 Alexandra Dennis Halifax NS
228 Lara Quintin Regina SK My moral superiority makes me an excellent candidate for weapons inspector. We must stop the Warlords and Infedels from destroying what the civilized Christian nations have worked to hard to controll.
227 Jonathan Koh Singapore 287193
226 Gina Bridgeland Brighouse West Yorkshire High time this was done!
225 Alexandra Torres London ON I am an America citizen.
224 Jonathan Williams Brooklyn NY The hypocrisy of this particular presidential administration borders on the apocalyptic proportions of the very same weapons of destruction that the United States have created financed and distributed to these so-called "rougue nations."
223 scott lynch washington DC US must stop building and get rid of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons if it expects other nations to do the the same. Bush's pursuit of RNEP is supreme hypocracy.
222 stewart brinton Vancouver, B.C. BC Brilliant conception and applaud your gumption...may your execution be as impressive....

-- Jeff
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