When Indeed?

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Posted by pancho from pool0216.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 2:47PM :

In a ,long rambling, treakly, saccharine infested post about Therese and love and the usual....someone called a Dalale ends on this syrrupy note....


O Jesus! since this sweet flame consumes it I run with delight in the way of Thy new Commandment, and therein will I run until the blessed day when with Thy Virgin train I shall follow Thee through Thy boundless Realm singing Thy New Canticle which must surely be the Canticle of LOVE. Story of A Soul, Chapter IX.

++++( she had the runs?). Does a Virgin Train come on time? What the hell is this person TALKING about??? I swear, these people must be hysterical...in a trance, or smoking something weird.

+++Then he ends by asking the following....

*** "When will the Assyrians love each other in this way?"

++++++++That's the part I love...that last sentence. Assyrians can't love each other in this way...and why would they want to...what was wrong with the way we loved Ashur...just because he expected us to pull our weight on THIS earth...make a heaven of it here and not get ourselves murdered into one?

Assyrians would have to love themselves, as ASSYRIANS first, before they could love anyone else...and they don't. They love Christians...and Christians come in all varieties...they have nothing to do with Assyrians and never did till disaster struck us. In fact...had Rome not set the stage for it through slavery, murder and mayhem...I doubt if anyone would have been much interested in buying Christianity.... so they could get a better shot at life in heaven...away from the Romans.

What a shock it must have been to find the Romans had conquered Heaven too.

-- pancho
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