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Posted by Tony from ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 11:32PM :

In Reply to: Re: I Love America posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 8:50PM :

Happy Thanksgiving to you 2



: : Isn't the holy Constitution just a set of rules to be 'judiciously' modified to apply to the times...?

: Sankho,
: Being a typical college student who knows it all makes me want to take a stab at your comment.

: The declaration of independence said that "All mean are created equal" but at the time that really meant "all white men"... later as the country developed, so did the country's collective perception of what is right and wrong. Women had no rights, non white non property holding men had no rights... the laws evolved to suit the times, and generally got better.

: So, NO, the holy constitution is NOT just a set of rules to be modified to suit the times... the INTERPRETATION of the constitution is what makes the laws and what is changed. Clearly due process means due process... and other things that are clearly spelled out... those will not be changed... unless...

: The point is the constitution took a beating in the past with the Japanese internment camps, with our treatment of women and minorities, and with many things... and it's taking a beating in the present. The real question is: how far are those who dislike the constitution and all of its protections willing to go? Will they pass laws that violate the constitution, and will the supreme court (which may or may not gain some more right wing members depending on if the current members die and new ones are appointed by Shrubya) uphold those unconstitutional laws, making them "constitutional" in effect?? Or, will shrubya and his military industrial complex actually go for the motherload... will they try to modify the constitution itself? I mean, they have control of the house and senate...but not enough control... or do they?

: Have you READ the patriot act that was signed in to law? Have you READ the laws regarding this new Gestapo of Homeland Insecurity Department? I have... you should be thankful to live down under.

: I wonder if people will start going to Canada like they did in the Vietnam days.

: You know how governments often issue "travel advisories" to it's citizens to warn them not to go to certain dangerous countries? I'm sure several countries have travel advisories for their citizens to be careful or not to go to Lebannon and other middle eastern countries at all... well, recently Canada issued a travel advisory for ITS own Citizens of middle eastern descent warning them not to travel to AMERICA...because their rights would likely be violated! What does that tell you? (Your response better not be that Canadians need a Bathey)

: P.S. I also love America. Not's a beautiful country.

: Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.

-- Tony
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