HEUREKA! I've found you!

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Posted by andreas from dialin-145-254-096-197.arcor-ip.net ( on Friday, November 29, 2002 at 8:04AM :

In Reply to: Can't find Assyrians in this GlobalLetter ... posted by andreas from p3EE3C23C.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 3:57AM :

Heureka! I found!

How could I be so blind:

"Punch Man" and "Fred Parhad" all over the place, carefully encrypted by means of your famous "disconnected/detached" or "inconsistence" code which is a powerful and devasting weapon, indeed.

But there is more to that:

Your presence is truely ubiquitous; you are the essence of this appeal, its thundering spirit rolling through that masterpiece of activism.

You are the basis, the very stuff and the ultimate material it is woven of.

You are the alphabet soup of the secrets of life.

You are the primordial slime of creation from which a NEW and BETTER WORLD is unstoppably going to be about to start to be on the brink of emerging - some day.

Any doubts?

Here only a tiny excerpt for proof:


martin butcher, "P"hysicians for social responsibility (psr), washington dc,
br"U"ce gag"N"on, "C"coordinator, global network against weapons and nuclear power
in space(globenet),
ellen t"H"o"MA"s, propositio"N"-1 committee, wash, dc,

david krieger, nuclear age peace “F”oundation, (napf), santa ba"R"bara,
marylia k”E”lley, executive “D”irector, tri-valley cares (communities against a
alfred l. marder, "P"president, us pe"A”ce council
alf”R”ed l. marder, president, city of new “HA”ven, connecticut peace commission,
bob kinsey, peace and justice task force, rocky mountain conference, unite”D” "

Melting away in adulation ...



-- andreas
-- signature .

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