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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, November 29, 2002 at 5:05PM :

First off...refuse to allow anyone to call it Terror. Menachem Begin and the Irgun were not Terrorists when they blew up the King David Hotel. Up against the Brits and without an army of their own to speak of, they became "Freedom Fighters".. like Reagan called that butcher Jonas Savimbi another Lincoln...and the Contras in Salvador were like our Founding Fathers..another Reaganism.

It is far more terrorizing to have an army in tanks, gunships and jet fighters invade your village. The only difference is that in one case you damn well know death is coming...whereas in undercover ops you never know where or when it will come. Are we talking about Terror as a human response or how you choose to inflict it on equally innocent people...Jewish and Palestinian civilians.

Somebody arm the Palestinians with all the gadgetry the Israelis get from the Americans, and anyone else they want to buy from...and see if the Palestinians don't go weapon to weapon with Israeli soldiers...oh dirty tricks or all bets are off.

Attacks against the West are no more illegal or nasty or terroristic than attacks against Muslims. Just because one side has overwhelming firepower and the other doesn't...can't possibly mean the weaker of the two is the only one at fault.

So...interrupt and always interrupt whenever the word Terror is used. Fight for a year if necessary to establish the rules in a way at least as favorable to both sides as they are now to one side. Muhammad Ali fought just to be called Muhammad Ali...without that simple reality he could gain no respect no matter what he did.,..every comment every notice would be prefaced by..."Cassius Clay, who still insists on calling himself Mulammud Muldoon...says..."

What defines Terror is a far more productive dialogue to engage in than your suspicions that arms inspections are a dodge...something everybody knows already.

Stick yourselves in the public eye all you in America. Apply for permits to march...for food fairs...have a Miss Muslim to have monuments installed...produce a stage play...a television series...get out there and get your rights violated NOW, while the laws still exist to give you a fair chance to establish a precedent and get some press and people thinking and talking. Do anything and everything legal to get NOT think to ride out the can't ride it out...this storm is also the new norm...and if you don't watch it you'll be in camps some day soon.

You want to especially watch out for that because they've declared us "at war"...they've also said it will last, "a long long time". They've also made it acceptable to lock people away without any legal recourse or review, because they might give aid and comfort to an all pervasive "enemy"...nothing less than an entire religion.

That's what all this Christian crap for the last twenty years has been preparing us for...a Jihad against Islam, or as Bush slipped and said, a "Crusade". Remember the last time they called for one of those against you.

I want you to do this to save the Constitution of the United who are already here. Ashcroft and the rest are gunning for that document...those of us who believe this will make us safe are suckers...very very big lollipops. The saftey and integrity of the United Stattes Constitution rests with you...SAVE US FROM BUSHCROFT! Please. It will be the best way to serve your own interests as well. Washington and Tom Paine and Sam Adams would want you to do it. If Abraham Lincoln was alive today he would be MUSLIM.

note: Ash-hole and Buttcraft....what else can a guy born IN IRAQ do? Ask Jackie Bejan and Golani if I'm not a I would dearly like to make the same sorts of trouble for the same pointing out that you boys aren't "American" at all...not the way you're trying to have it. Come and get me Copper!

-- pancho
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