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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, November 30, 2002 at 9:54AM :

Now we claim the Iraqis are hiding componants in their homes...under their beds maybe? That's where Commies were hiding in America. Is this embarrassing or what.

If Saddam is smart...and he is...he'll let them look in every closet and toilet in Iraq...starting with his own. Make it take a while...drag it out...let the world see headlines like..."Weapons Inspectors Can Find No Trace in Coffee Mugs"....."Iraqis Said to Be Hiding Devices in Their Fillings". Let the whole world watch this "SuperPower"...sifting through Iraqi nose hairs for "hair triggers".

How humiliating...this is the kind of nation that WOULD advocate the murder of children...but do it by their "conscience" could be clean.

Go get 'em Bush...the most revered president since Lincoln. Way to go American schools...when you guys set out to don't screw around. Feed 'em fast food and slow ideas...feed 'em computers...get rid of "unessentials"...and turn out just the sorts of ignoramousses we need to work their lives away for nothing more than the chance to be "free".

The corporate boys will ride on the coatails of this country's true glory till they've run into the ground. Everything that can be shipped oversees to be made will be...with the result that we'll be even more dependant on others. These corporate types would sell their mothers for a buck...they'll sell us for a lot less.

We've devised the opposite of Mercantilism...we send the know how we need overseas so the products we need come back to us cheaper than we could afford to make them here. The only way this game can work is if the people who make those products for us are paid far less than we would pay ourselves...HUH?

Just as soon as we help make China strong...far stronger than Japan ever was, and their prices go up...with our own guys tacking on their profit...we'll see products on our shelves we can't afford...maybe then small shops will open up here to make things that would then be competitive...whereas now if Americans had to buy shoes made in America, the cheapest ones would be way too expensive.

After China will come Afrika...we're keeping Africans for the last...last great continent whose people will continue slaughtering each other and dying from a host of things...then one day with China gone "too expensive"...we'll go "save' the Africans and give them jobs, "Oh Thank You Massa"...making our shoes.

Our corporate types aren't interested in long term...hell they don't care about a stream of water next year...what do they care what America will be like in 50 years...where does that enter any of their bottom lines?

Maybe one day we'll be the impoverished ones and we can make chop sticks for the Chinese. Never happen...America is the one country in all of history that will only grow bigger and a tumor.

-- pancho
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