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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, November 30, 2002 at 11:30AM :

would we prefer to be reborn, after death, with Jesus...than LIVE with Ashur?

Don't get it...I surely don't.

No disrespect towards Christ...I think he was an exceptional man...but why this fixation on what happens after we die...especially when we've lost so much of what made living as Assyrians worthwhile?

There was kindness and goodness and love of children before Jesus...hell Assyrians never starved children to death...they skinned the ours now deserve skinning.

All Jesus had to offer. or what has been made out of this fond desire that those who believe in him will wake up and live forever doing just exactly what no one knows. It's odd that a religion that can tell you what god wanted and how he felt about this thing and that thing, and what was in the Garden of Eden...has no clue as to what happens when its biggest reward of all is confered on all you hopeful people.

What more clearly spells out that Christianity is a religion of rewards for dead people? And how come so many people find it easy to live without it? And...what drove Assyrians to the fringe of mass hysteria in believing that they really wouldn't die...when they laid down and died anyway...while still alive?

Lord lord.

-- pancho
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