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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, November 30, 2002 at 4:11PM :

In Reply to: Re: In This Great Democracy... posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, November 30, 2002 at 3:58PM :

It is indeed a great democracy...that's why it's worth protecting from those who would destroy it for a buck more...that would be Bush and Buttcroft.

I'm sure I'm being monitored if for nothing else than for flying across the border so many times in the last year alone...they check their computer each time...they squint at my passport where it says "Iraq" for place of birth. That's why we have to encourage everyone to come forward and not try to hide who they are...believe me, you do NOT want to "Pass For White"! You can't do it, even if you want to...and in the end they just will think you were devious and secretive...the Inquisition was set up to force Jews to switch to Christianity or else...then they turned right around and hanged them and stole their property when they "suspected them of not being sincere".

Remember the beautiful story of King Christian of Denmark...when the Nazis ordered all Jews to wear yellow stars on their clothes the following day, or else...the King appeared for his daily ride with a yellow star...a star of courage and integrity...not like it is now on Israeli tanks...and the Nazis were foiled because everyone followed his lead. It takes a little courage...only a little, while there is time...while the Laws are still in place...before the Congress meets again...we can't count on our legislators...they have been "Body Snatched" wont go away on its own...we've seen how far they're willing to go to set these things up...hell the entire Media have climbed aboard...Universities might be know, "loyalty declarations".,.and a "tough on Islam" stance.

Come and get me copper!

-- pancho
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