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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, November 30, 2002 at 10:12PM :

+++Aprim strikes paydirt...again

Assyrians or Iraqis

We must learn how to read between the lines and chose how to respond smartly.

+++Dumbly put.

It seems to me that many people are missing the intention of why I am translating certain articles.

+++TRANSLATING...I can't understand your ENGLISH!!!

Mr. Sarhan, for example, has said certain things in the past that he should be commended for. Today, he has written few good points again, but he is saying other things one must stop for a second and analyze before moving forward.

What does Mr. Sarhan mean by saying that we must all stress on being simply "Iraqis"? Other Iraqi Arabs, as guest speakers on Assyrian TV station, have stressed on this same issue. Why are such things being propagated today and what do they imply?

++++Nothing is being "propagated"'re the one doesn't have a single piece of evidence that supports the idea you "propagate" that you are Assyrian...when everything about you screams CHRISTIAN!

Iraqi Arab

++++There are no Arabs in Iraq...Arabs are from Arabia. This silly bit of logequejiceque you guys employ is wrong from the get's what you base your whole stupid argument on...from that bit comes the "proof" that "Assyria" is occupied by foreign lame brain. It's a good thing they have a secure padded cell for you somewhere...what would you do up against a Cub Scout troop?

nationals and intellectuals today are stressing on their Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian heritage. Why do you think that they are claiming this now? Think about it!

+++Because they are Christians who find themselves on the horns of a dilemna they created themselves when they declared Iraq or Syria or Egypt "Arab" countries and were stunned to learn that made them CHRISTIAN ARABS. From that day on they "discovered" that they were UNIQUE and PURE Babylonians...Assrins, Arameans...anything and everything they could dream up to avoid being hoisted on their own petards. Think about THAT!

Assyrians of Iraq could NOT be looked upon as simply Iraqis for some good reasons:

+++Yes they could...yes they can...and yes they will be...just as soon as you guys get over getting a bunch more of us killed...then come back "celebrating" your new batch of "dear" martyrs.

1. Iraq is an Arab country according to its constitution, and is a member of "The Arab League".

++++According to pick and choose what you want...Iraq also has laws about being loyal to the country...and not encouraging its enemies to attack and starve its children. It's called being a traitor. You don't like things about don't get its enemies to attack it. If an Iriquois should show up and throw you out of your house and make it stick...and you get still can't go get the Cubans to come here and get your house back for you. You work WITHIN the system. You don't suppose Black Americans didn't get lynched and beaten and jailed and killed and attacked by dogs and have every right denied them and had their children kicked out of playgrounds and consigned to poverty and shame...and you suppose they cried about it or fought back...legally and not...but right here WITHIN the country that robbed and raped and kidnapped them and shit on them regularly...they didn't go get someone to kill Americans for putz!

2. Iraq uses Arabic language as its official language and is forced on the Assyrians in churches, clubs, and other civic institutions to Arabize them.

+++Not to Arabize them...any more than the "English Only" movement is meant to wipe out the Portuguese. English is the "official" language of countries other than England. The Arabic language is the language of the country of Iraq, because most Assyrians there turned to Islam and Arabic came with the Islamic Army that beat out the Christian Armies for the prize of Assyria and Babylon that were.

+++There are enough Assyrians who give up on the language here and for all your bluster there has not been a single school built here in over 100 years to teach this "dear" language of yours that you want to FORCE the Iraqi government to teach...when you declare all Assyrians Christians, you make Assyrian into a Christian language...are you nuts!

It is not used simply as a mean for communication and education.

+++Where did you get your education from...

3. Iraq is a Moslem Country and is a member of "The Islamic Council".

++++Big friggin deal...what other country takes direction from you that you go giving Iraq suggestions. Especially as you adhere to a religion that has been over there since the Crusades doing what mischief it would. You suppose New Yorkers now feel comfortable at the sound of Arabic...or want more mosques there? There is every good reason for Iraq to dislike you patrots intensely as you sit here and call for the destruction of their country...hell I can barely stand you.

4. Assyrians are not given a chance to advance in the civic or military ranking, unless someone has sold his soul to the Arab government.

++++You can't prove couldn't make it over there so you blame the ones who did...and call them "traitors" and sell outs. there are white dumb males in this country who will now blame every Darkie they see in a fine car...they'll be convinced that all those goodies would have been theirs if that Foreign trash hadn't taken it away from them...just like the trash of Germany were convinced it was the Jews who kept them from getting scholarships or being successful anywhere...because they had "sold their souls" to the devil. You are in ignorant bigoted Racist...masquerading as something else.

5. Assyrians are not allowed in the Iraqi Air Force.

+++In 1947 my father was a Captain in the Iraqi Army..and there have been other Assyrians in those are a liar as well. Any prohibition againt Assyrian Christians in Iraq has been brought about by their own dismal behavior there. There were lots of Assyrians in Iraq who warned our people not to join the Brits...not to be their source of chastisement as you all brag we were in the bible...the other time we were used as thugs and goons in the pay of someone else. Iraq took us in when other Muslims chased us out...

6. Assyrians are not allowed to teach their mother language.

+++Also not true. What you are doing is forgetting that we have nuts like you who declare they are going to take back Iraq...and you do it in our language...this idiotic claim of yours that Iraq is really Assyria still and as such you get the oil...makes you disliked and loathed...and I can't blame them for that at all.

+++If you were civil and did what is expected of EVERY citizen in every might in time win some measure of trust...we stab ourselves in the back often enough...and you turkeys can't agree on what to call each other besides names you all well wonder the Iraqis don't want to bother...when Islam first came to Iraq they had to part you warring Christians...and they have to do it yet!!!

7. Assyrians are forced to register as Arabs or Kurds in the government census.

++++What's in a name remember...Yahweh is REALLY the same as what's the big deal.

8. Assyrians are not treated equal in the eyes of the law and the courts system.

+++I know...they were thrown off of airplanes in this country just a while ago...stick might see a lot more. Then again we have learned to lock people up without charges too...for being "Dark".

9. Assyrians are considered “third class” citizens.

++++In this country they act like fifth class ones...when not totally without class. Christian Assyrians of your peculiar bent are indeed asking for it in Iraq...but not the ones IN boys out here are the ones egging the government on to "punish" Assyrian Christians so you can cry over them...while you cry not at all for all the Assyrian Christians being killed by the United States...that is indeed despicable...the way you guys use the dead Assyrians that suit you...then keep silent when Assyrians are killed by YOUR Christian American pals. You are creepy better than the ones you condemn on the other side...the differences between you are cosmetic...and your lipstick is smeared.

And the list goes on.


When Assyrians are treated equal with any Arab in every day life and under the Iraqi law and courts; when Assyrians are allowed to register as Assyrians in the census; when the Aramaic is taught in all level schools; when the Assyrians are accepted in the Iraqi Air Force; when Assyrians are offered positions as ministers and governors in the civil government and allowed to progress in the ranks to become generals in the army; when Iraq pulls out from the Islamic Council; when all actions of Arabization of the Assyrians are abolished and terminated; and when Iraq pulls out of the Arab League, then and ONLY then we gladly would call ourselves Iraqis just like everybody else in the country.

+++When Assyrian Christians do what every law abiding citizen does in the countries they live matter what their difficulties...and don't go running to other people...their co-religionists, and turn on their fellow countrymen...maybe, after several generations, then maybe you'll have EARNED what you now beg for and demand...with a stamp of your widdle foots.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Arabs today have a major problem represented in the Kurds. Fact is that the Assyrians do not represent any threat to the Iraqi State.

++++++Of course they don't,,,,there are mostly Muslim Assyrians in Iraq, doofus. It's you Christians who pose the threat.

The Turkomans' situation is tricky but could be resolved through minor concessions with Turkey.

+++Thank you...I have bunions...can you suggest anything?

Therefore, Arab nationals and intellectuals are reflecting thoughts of alliance with the Assyrians and Turkoman against the Kurds. Guess why?

++++To give you something to be incoherent with? Just a stab in the dark.

At the same token, Assyrians have no future living among the Kurds as the Kurds have learn from the policies of their Arab brothers and instead of the Arabization policies the Assyrians are facing by the government of Iraq, the Assyrians are facing Kurdification in north of Iraq.

+++++And you are facing Stoopidization over here trying to lead a nationalist uprising of cross toting Christians.

The policies of the Kurdish leadership in the last 11 years and fabricated articles by many so-called educated Kurds have proven this.

++++Your one real consolation is that no one would mistake you for a "so-called" educated person.

This new widespread Kurdish trend of undermining the Assyrian existence and branding Assyrians as Christian Kurds is a good example.

+++I'd say no one has undermined Assyrians more than other one. While you guys do nothing in want to capture Iraq...

Kurds today are forcing themselves on the Assyrians since the Assyrians are under their mercy. Iraqi Arabs would love to assimilate the Assyrians in this "Iraqi" melting pot. What should the Assyrians do?

++++Come to Chicago and march down King Sargon Block towing a plywood chariot with a Woolworth's sequined queen and five Soccer playing worriers. Isn't that enough?

++++Hell you dweebs wouldn't even show for a chance to make a stand here in a college because, "what had I done for you".

I wish I had the answer!

+++You don't?

One thing for sure, there is nothing more powerful than the power of determined people.

+++Oh come ON...determined people are the ones over there right now giving you the fan todds in Chicago.

If only Assyrians entrusted their energies in themselves, that power would never be reckoned with.

++++Jeez! Never be reckoned with is right...try never even be seen. How's it hangin over safe enough, "determined" person you.

-- pancho
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