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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, December 01, 2002 at 10:14AM :

If Muslims were smart they'd set up a "Save Leonard Peltier" committee and provide funds to pressure the US government to pardon him or give him a new trial. If the Turks were smart they'd create an international committee or conference to look into the treatment of Native Americans...starting even back further than what happened to "suspect" people in Turkey in 1915. They'd want to know why Blacks in America are profiled...and denied basic opportunities reserved for whites...though promised for everyone.

The idea that the United States under this administration especially, is in any moral or practical position to tell any Turk or Arab what to do is laughable...especially the part that says the rest of the world will breathe a lot easier if the United States...which has shown it has the expertise and the will to drop nuclear devices on sleeping women and children of the wrong color, is to become the only nation to have those kinds of weapons of a lot of destruction.

And those countries WOULD do such a thing if we didn't keep imposing and training and supporting thugs and goons of our liking to thwart any kind of an intellectual or moderate or, god forbid, pro-active, stance among the populace.

-- pancho
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