I generally look down on liars like Tiglath

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Posted by andreas from p3EE3C459.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Sunday, December 01, 2002 at 4:06PM :

In Reply to: Re: I generally look .. oy vay posted by Jeff from d53-106-196.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Sunday, December 01, 2002 at 3:41PM :

: I suppose you know the truth, the full picture, the... "everything"... while sitting there in Germany?

: What qualifies you to have such an uppidy attitude and to pretend to be so much "holier than thou [David]"?

+++ Tiglath's catastrophic record of misrepresentations (see his posts regarding me/the censorship issue) has disqualified him absolutely.
He has lost any credibility in my eyes and has managed to destroy any trust I was willing to invest in him.

+++ In order to get my own picture of anything and especially of the situation in Northern Iraq I'll rely on my own future investigations.
But surely not on somebody who's presenting a strong penchant for recklessly distorting the most simple facts in the face of all counter-evidence without ever mustering the courage to stand as a man by his failures and to correct them.
Such a ridiculous gnome wouldn't even know when he had in fact been exploited as useful idiot for any party propaganda in N Iraq.

-- andreas
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