Holocausts, Genocides and Memorials

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Posted by pancho from pool0440.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Monday, December 02, 2002 at 2:47PM :

What's the point? The one people who suffered a true and horrific Genocide...who've managed to build a powerful and undeniable case against this "policy"...expressed so eloquently through the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Washington, seemed to learn little of beneift and taught us even less.

Is a Memorial supposed to teach us how these things happen...how ordinary people refuse to speak out...how government "policies" that call for the murder of innocents, or accepts the deaths by starvation and neglect and disease of thousands of innocent children, are acceptable to ensure a way of Life? What sort of a way of life is this?

Is the function of such a Memorial to arouse pity and shame and guilt in the people who did such things or allowed such things to happen...so that one day if the victims turn into the killers we'll feel less inclined, or constrained, to accuse them in their turn?

What good would a Genocide Memorial do us? What good when at the very same time we would want to build one, we are engaging in a genocide against our own people?

We weren't "betrayed" by the British...we were led to betray our own people because we were FOOLED by the Brits...who had to do no more than dangle the possibility, conviction to us, that they would OF COURSE help their co-religionists.

The same thing being dangled in front of us again. And we will be used again...we will...we ARE betraying, our own people again. Before we are Assyrian or American, we are HUMAN. What did the Jews learn from their Genocide if they turned their fury away from the people who did the thing to them...who prepared for a thousand years, with a skirmish here and a pogrom there...a Christian religion that worked and worked until the Germans took up the "call"...the "Jihad"...issued their own Holy Fatwah and took to murdering and murdering and murdering(except for Andreas' parents...who were "good" Germans) Jews till the pall of smoke, replacing the rivers of blood, covered Europe.

Islam never taught hatred for Jews...Islam lived with Jews and protected them from Christian violence. Now there is mounting evidence that the Nazi Pope authorized the release of the names of Jews who'd converted and stood by and helped and blessed the effort to kill the people who killed "our lord".

Yet who do the Jews turn on...the German's...the Italians...the French. Hell no...America wouldn't stand for that...and besides there's more oil under Mosul than there is under Berlin. The Jews are sent to antagonize their Muslim brothers after the Christians slaughtered them...yet AGAIN as they'd done so often in the past.

And when the Muslims are angered by this piece of villainy...and finally fight back with their own bodies when denied everything else...the Jews come along and say Islam hates Jews. When Islam would hate anyone who did what the Jews are doing to them...

I would have cheered if the Jews had tuned their rage against the Europens, Germans first among them. Then a Memorial would have meant something. But to turn on the Muslims and Christians in Palestine...even though the European Christians gave them no choice....shows that Genocides are in fact merely a matter of "Policy"...nothing personal.

We Assyrians are participating in our own Genocide...cheering from the bleachers. We're a living memorial to our own ongoing Genocide...no need to build a museum.

-- pancho
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