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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 1:11AM :

In Reply to: Re: We Must Show Compassion... posted by Bruneil from ( on Monday, December 02, 2002 at 10:59PM :

No one pays any of these people. Who has that kind of money to throw around...and for what? We 're just so appaled by what some people do, we can ONLY imagine that someone must have put them up to, no we ARE that stupid often enough.

Peter, like Aprim and so many red neck racists in Germany or Skokie, blame their own unremarkable lives on "Those_________people" You fill in the slot.

I was attacked several times in Kuwait in the 50's...was almost killed the day the Brits bombed civillians in Port Said, Egypt in '56. I was humiliated daily by students and teachers and even the principal. I don't blame Islam, or Kuwaitis as a group or class or religion. I don't even blame Humans. I blame ignorance and fear...things Peter and Aprim spread. get my brother and I away from Muslim "cruelty" we were sent to Baghdad where I attended a high class boarding school for British and American children...with teachers from England. There I became a punching bag for another batch of kids and teachers. It wasn't as bad...but to a kid it was bad enough.

I'm not interested in relative brutality...the "we are better because we only pull fingernails and not fingers", argument.

The mean streak is in all of us...and the Peters and Aprims encourage it and speak to it. Do you feel any better having your child's throat slit by a Muslim or shot by an Israeli?...or knowing the Jew- killing, oven-building Christians solved their Jewish "problem" by setting Jews and Muslims to killing each other's children while America provides Christian arms for one side and helps demonize the other?

Who wins anything here except nuts on all sides and the same dismal bloodmerchants?

-- pancho
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