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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 11:59AM :

In Reply to: Another day... another settlement posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 9:27AM :

Even Jews don't want any more settlements. The idea that a Jew born in Brooklyn has some "right" to land held for centuries by Palestinians...and this Jew from America can be installed on the property of a Palestinian family that's been removed from their home for the spurious reasons they can trump up at will...and no one is supposed to object...and if they do, mark THEMSELVES for slaughter, is such a joke...such a vicious joke.

Palestinians should picket outside the Holocaust Museum every day...there should be informational pickets and tables set up.

Part of America's "support" for goons and royal thugs results in all the wealth being gobbled by a few people...with little allocated for promoting the rights of Islam and Arab speaking people generally.

When Jews were targeted in their own country was only a taste of what was to come for the rest of us. Aside from any rights Muslims have to fair play...I'm defending myself by defending them...I'm speaking out for the world my children will have to live in...and Muslim children and Jewish children will have to live in.

Everything points to this situation getting worse not better. It didn't improve any after the" War to End All Wars" didn't improve let alone end after the first Gulf War and it wont end with this intifada. More people are dying, not less...there is more violence in all out lives, not less...we are going to be poorer, not less. And it's all being brought to us by our Bosses...the ones who managed to pump themselves up through book deals and talk show appearances...the ones who bought the newspapaers that told you it was a GREAT time to buy what turned out to be stock in their own companies...and now sell you stock in their war...a war waged against you and our Constitution and NOT any Muslims anywhere.

You'll see...if they don't come up with a disease called..."Inability to See Clearly Syndrome" (ISCS)...and provide you with the little purple pills you'll need to fix this "disease".

A limp mind is also a problem you isn't just errect members and fucking your Golden Years away you have to worry about...the likelihood that we're all BEING fucked should matter also.

Thanks to their inattention till now, Muslims are finally realizing that this Christian Jihad has been a long time coming, right under their noses and oil wells...formed of an unholy alliance between Oil and the Christian Right. It's finally grown so huge and ugly that they "get it" now...but haven't organized themselves into a united front (Arab "unity" is another mirage) What they have so far is a council or league bent on appeasement....with every polite concession they make only serving as an incentive for the other side to step up their unbridled attacks,

If only Muslims would take a page from the Euro/Gringo playbook. The laws in this country are still in place...though how much longer we don't we don't know what kind of judiciary we'll be left with. They could make so many points...if they were willing to risk the costs... by doing nothing, they ensure only more of the same.

You can always claim you "couldn't have known"...especially when you don't WANT to know...don't want to LOOK to know...and begin the process of challenging what you clearly see is happening...and what's likely to come.

It was all there spelled out in Mein Kampf...all you had to do was read it. It's in the Patriot Act and the War Powers Act before that...and in the Snooping Bills and the Homelands Screwing legislation.

The government is going to know whatever it wants to about us...but we still can't get Cheney to turn over records proving he screwed us...not the Muslims...but our own vice-pres. We'll be ruined from within...there is no threat from outside independent of what we asked for and brought about. The ones who did it know it's true...know it because they've profited handsomely from EVERY "threat" this country has faced, especially since Eisenhower left office warning us about them. The only way they can cover their asses and crimes and greed and disdain for the people and our Constitution is to get you all worrying and believing that they are SAVING you.

-- pancho
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