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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 2:33PM :

In Reply to: Re: KKK In Silk Sheets posted by Assyrian4Piss from ? ( on Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 12:51PM :

: Nobody is going to give us anything unless we put all our shit aside and take whats belong to us.

++++NOTHING "belongs" to us. There is no "US". All this shit comes from pretending there is an "us"...because we have a superabundance of single celled egos trying to build a country around their living rooms.

+++All we have to show for 5000 years is a couple of churches and a school or two...a few magazines, 5,678 organizations made up of three neighbors and a cat...several bands that are pitted against each other, and one bronze monument...and ONE half breed with brass balls....and a whole lot of "men" without any.

+++The path of nation-building by people-killing is not for even talk about it causes more of us to be killed...and the idea that anyone will give us anything can only bring on the next round of Simeles to remember.

+++I don't want what the Jews have in thank you. And in all honesty we have 10,000 options open to us the Jews didn't have. There is no crying need for an Assyria need to replace the name on the signpost and still get all those people killed and buried in Assyrian instead of Iraqi graves. If you think the West will back off just because of a name change, then you don't know Peter BetBasso nee Jassim.

+++That land has oil under it...oil is one of the last things these guys can make unbridled money from...the one thing next to cocaine the West is most addicted to. Every drug lord knows that he who controls the fields, controls the transport, controls the guards and soldiers and owns the street corners where the pushers operate, has a monopoly to kill for...ask the Cali Cartel or the Petroleum one.

Every Mobster's dream has been realized by the Seven Sisters from hell who now, and finally, own a government. Myer Lansky was aiming for the same thing in Cuba...a totally Mob run country. That was peanuts. Bush and his Godfather and all of their Goodfellas and Made Men have done it where it counts. This is true Gangland style with the one thing all of them wanted...legitimacy backed up by a national military...all expenses paid for by the common citizens who also have to pay "Protection Money" to undo their lives and make addicts of their own children.

: I think part of the problem is that we have too many chiefs and not many Indians. Nobdoy wants to be a doer and subservient.

++++There is no "there", there in Assyria. Nothing. You have petty politicians who failed have taxi and bus drivers...some engineers...a bank teller or two and a lot of people who are yet lonely for the old country...who have nostalgic memories for another time and place. Then you have some very mediocre experts, journalists and hysterians who can't count to five between them unless they write their own dictionaries and invent a new math that doesn't need to work because they don't have any plans of applying it anywhere...except to TALK about it a lot...Assrin Patrots who couldn't make it anywhere else if their lives depended on it, and are careful that they don't...who blame Muslims and Islam and Arabs and Turks and each other and Mother Hubbard for every roadblock placed in their path beginning with 700 AD and continuing into the distant future.

+++What we MIGHT be able to do is set a better example for what being Assyrian et al could mean in the Modern Era...that's it...that's all. Anything more than that will have to be designed and implemented by Assyrians of a vastly different sort in another day entirely. Our only valid legitimate reason to exist has to be in order that we may create something really meaningful to leave to our children, something that may encourage them to explore places in ways NONE of us are able or qualified or dedicated enough to do now.

+++What we have in place of heart and soul is hatred and envy...hatred for Islam...anger at what we perceive were injustices only WE suffered...losses for which we want if there was no good reason we laid down and died years ago...years and years ago when we gave up on the meaningful things of this earth...threw it all away for a reward we can't even define, in another fairy tale existence. We followed "his" example...we went right up onto that cross and got nailed... hoping to go see him when our turn comes.

+++Why would you be at all surprised or offended that we've allowed ourselves to sink this low...isn't that just what the book promised...haven't you all gotten your wish...isn't there a heaven waiting for you after death...wont you get a better place in it the more you suffer loss and degradation here on earth.

+++You should be ecstatic!


-- pancho
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