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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Wednesday, December 04, 2002 at 2:13PM :

In Reply to: Re: on the problem of Henry Kissinger posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, December 04, 2002 at 2:02PM :

: We are all murderers by proxy. Back in the hippie days I used to wonder which American kid would REALLY want us out of Indochina if they knew how much of their "alternative" lifestyle depended on murder and mayhem.

: I believe the world is sooner or later going to have to live within its allowance...but till that day, there's no question the game is rigged so we become complicit in everything from dead babies to blighted seashores...they make us accomplices...set it up that way so we become their partners in these crimes and believe the crimes must go on or else our "way of life" will be destroyed...or changed beyond what we're willing to endure.

: We got off on the wrong foot...or rather lost our way. Twain felt it...said it happened after the Spanish American War when this country decided subjugating people wasn't such a bad idea...I mean offshore as well. There's no way around can't be "great" unless it's at someone's expense...just as you can't make BIG bucks unless you steal a lot of dimes from a lot of widders an orphans.

xxx They can't *make* us complicit... I think the problem is that we are told we are powerless - it's everywhere, esp. now. That's bullshit. Our sweaty hands provide the labor for their profits. What happens if we all start forming self-sustaining communities - I mean, really earthy, realistic self-sustaining communities, not communes built around free love & recreational drug use. We don't HAVE to use money. We could start bartering w/ one another, using money only when necessary (phase it out of usage). Maybe it's a silly suggestion. But ultimately the choice to continue as if nothing bad is happening, to maintain the status quo, is influenced by our desire to live comfortably too much - to the detriment of our neighbors. & this is how the corporations have control over us.

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