America's Enemies

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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, December 04, 2002 at 9:54PM :

Saw an old documentary newsreel from the Korean War days...while we were pounding Koreans...forcing them into the arms of the Chinese...whom they we would later force the Vietnamese to do...and for the same reason...they needed weapons to fight us we were fighting some poor peasants who also never did a thing to us...the French were doing the same in Vietnam.

We declared another "victory" in Korea...the kind we would in Vietnem...a victory for those who sell arms to our government, who buys them with our money, after first scaring the shit out of us about hordes and armies and what nots coming to get us.

In the newsreel they shifted from Korea to Vietnam...showed some peasants in shorts being rounded up by well armed French soldiers...the voice over said...."Another capture of Viet Minh TERRORISTS".

I like that...the French and later the Americans...go over and attack THEIR country without the slightest provocation...and in defending themselves, their families, their children, their homes...THEIR way of Life... THEY become terrorists.

How do you do these kinds of things?

You realize how many dirt poor peasants in Latin America and Asia the United States has and I have killed...for what? For WHAT? You trying to tell me this country is so impoverished it has to go steal from so many other people just so your average American couple can have that enviable lifestyle where they can barely afford to live till they die?

What is enviable is not our standard of economic development...we hardly lavish abundance on our citizens. It's our CEO's that are the "envy" of the world. What made us the envy of the world was exactly what these real enemies of America have been gunning for...the United States Constitution. No...not the taliban, Vietcong, Shining path, Al Qaida....they aren't the ones attacking our heart and soul...our own freemarket corporate types are doing it...and we just gave them the worlds most powerful military EVER...and unleashed the largest domestic Police Force EVER...and we're demanding they get to work and root out...what? A Darkie or two...or our Constitution?

Fascists have to be VOTED into power. They could never "seize" power, so screwy is their agenda...if they dared articulate it. Even then they couldn't get a majority to go for it... no one in their right mind would opt for their "program" if not properly tenderized ahead of time....

We've been made tender and juicy, ripe for the plucking for several years now. We're like the person standing on a precipice who secretly yearns to get it "over with" and just jump...or gets so jumpy with fright that if you blow in his ear...he'll spring over the edge like his legs were coiled steel springs.

-- pancho
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