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Posted by Assyrian4Piss from ? ( on Thursday, December 05, 2002 at 3:32PM :

In Reply to: Let me put it this way ... posted by andreas from ( on Thursday, December 05, 2002 at 2:47PM :

First, I never claim to anything special, because I am not.

Second, I will speak anyway I please to speak. It isn't none of your business.

Third, I dont need a father/mother

Fourth, You have your mind/logic and I have my rotten mind.

Sixth, I have seen how much this serious SHIT have done. Look around you.

Seventh, We are about Nothing. This life is about Nothing, just a thought.

: : I will contribute YOU! is that enough?

: :
: : : : Recently, there was a post on Covert Conservative None Profit that Our people in Arizona have purchased a 6 figure(5 million dollars) church to perfom their Christian duties. I wonder if Jesus would feel less of these christians if they would have bought a cheaper church and donate the other half of the $ to our Needy Assyrians.

: : : : I bet Jesus is screaming his lungs out, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,

: : : : Fatherrrr, Help me, Help me,

: : : ### Are you a sriptwriter for American soap operas or comics?
: : : Sure, there he'll be portrayed as "screaming his lungs out".

: : : ### But, no:
: : : He's waiting for people to follow him and to CHANGE that pseudo-Christian course of things.

: : : ### But to succeed one has first to understand the psychological mechanisms leading to such a "set up" of a church and to support it unaskingly.
: : : Without such an understanding one doesn't stand any chance to defuse those mechanisms.

: : : ### What could you contribute?

: *** Let me put it this way:

: *** Your idiotic attitude will only prolong the Assyrian coma.
: Man, you are a real "national asset"...

: *** Furthermore:
: How can you refer to Jesus on the one hand and then make such pathologic "contribution offers"?

: *** If you don't take things serious, you won't be taken serious.
: It's this simply.

-- Assyrian4Piss
-- signature .

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