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Posted by panch from adsl-64-166-22-99.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Thursday, December 05, 2002 at 11:44PM :

At the end of a long bit of tripe wrritten by who else...whitey...I find this incredible piece of nonsense...claiming that Muslims are a new sort of barbarian bent only on destruction for its own sake...like anyone with a home and job and secure life for children...would one day wake up and go destroy things for the hell of it...unless they were in the US military.

There is no barbarian like the modern one...but not the Muslim. The idea that Muslims are pure nihilists could only be brought to us by the people who kill children for policy. The description fits the United States government to a T...except we aren't "nihilist"...we're positive and bright and cheery, forward looking people who can't get enough money...can't burn enough Vietnamese children or starve enough Assyrian ones.

You have to have your head up your flagpole not to realize that the United States government has done more harm...acted more the barbarian than any Muslim ever did in the last 200 years...we just have other ways of doing it..we get Saddams and Talibans and Al Qaidas to do it for us...then we mop up.

The world is slowly waking up to just what we've made of capitalism...the greatest system for exploiting anyone and everyone...starting here at home..the world has ever seen.

Palestinians were a threat to anybody? For generations now they bit their tongues...they pleaded and waited for the same world that condemned the Nazis to condemn what was and is being done to them by Israel. We went ape shit after one attack...while they're supposed to endure years of the most blatant aggression... that isn't terror because it's done openly and predictably.

When Barbarians have the most sophisticated weapons of war and use them against addmitedly innocent civillians and their children...that's when you really worry.

We laughed at the election in Iraq...in IRAQ! Ours was more of a farce... we have a duty to expect more from America...and shouldn't feel good about bragging that we're better than Saddam..."so shut up or else". When did the worst become our example...out standard of measure? Is that because it distracts us from how far we're moving away from our own ideals..OURS...not Saddams.

Saddam also locks people up without legal recourse...stick around...you'll be "home" before you know it.


We face, now and for the foreseeable future, the threat of a new barbarism. The new barbarians, like those of old, consist of groups in which every member is a potential warrior. Like their predecessors, the new barbarians rely on their ability to outmaneuver their civilized adversaries, to concentrate deadly force at vulnerable spots. But unlike the old steppe nomads, the new barbarians seek neither booty nor conquest. Our new barbarian adversaries pursue a strategy of pure and perfect nihilism: They seek destruction for destruction's sake. Their strategy, in other words, is terrorism.

+++Sounds more like Israel and the United States to me...with cosmetic changes of course. People feel like the "good" Germans must have in 1933...trying to warn of a quantum change in course in what was then the most enlightened city in the world, Berlin. In the land of Beethoven and Goethe...Nazis???

In America a Bush???

-- panch
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