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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, December 06, 2002 at 12:44PM :

In Reply to: Re: Abgar posted by Assyrian4Piss from ? ( on Friday, December 06, 2002 at 12:14PM :

I'd say God and Patriotism are the twin evils that have stalked this planet. If there was a god...he would be one we could all agree we all agree the body requires can get by on whiskey...but it NEEDS water. It isn't so much a god we need as our own personal savior god...the one who approves of us as we kill those who don't believe in OUR god.

If we were patriotic towards this planet...if we believed, "Our planet Right or Wrong"...or, "This Earth, Love it or Leave it"...if we hated all people from other planets and wouldn't let them into the bus at would be one thing.

We continue using primitive notions of our god and our town and our country...till we're about ready to rip each other apart...all for the love of god.

Frederick the Great had it right when he took the throne in what wasn't yet Germany. Having witnessed the bloody wars of religion...of politics disguised by and enhanced by religion...after the seven years war, the peasants war, the Albigensian heresy, Port Royale,the thirty years war...all of them going nowhere but to hell...he dcreed that so long as he was king, people would have to get to heaven as best they could... but while on earth he just wanted them to behave decently and obey the civil laws.

In our mad rush to make sure we get to heaven...we've pushed a whole lot of people there ahead of us.

Obviously there is no one god...not even counting the absurd notion that he (always a HE) is one and all and every madman you ever met, just with different names. This bit of silliness gives some legitimacy to the followers of each cult, none of whom believe it when they say it. If he was one he wouldn't be providing justifiation for his folowers to kill his creations...not unless he was insane...and he is. The very idea of having a god up there who smiles on you and pets you is enough to unhinge your average bastard...your above average one will go into the church or poltics and do real damage.

-- panch
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