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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Friday, December 06, 2002 at 1:48PM :

In Reply to: Re: oops, forgot to finish sentence... posted by pancho from ( on Friday, December 06, 2002 at 1:34PM :

This guy I met recently when I was paying for a haircut... he's at the business school here & apparently gets his hair cut at the same place... anyway, he tracked me down after Ashrawi's talk & tried to corner me into some stupid argument. He started off by saying he wished the Palestinians had someone like MLK Jr. to lead peaceful protests... & I responded by pointing out that:
1.) Ashrawi had in fact mentioned peaceful protests in her talk (that Palestinian women, including herself, were taking part in).

2.) Ashrawi, herself, is like MLK Jr. because she is a spokeswoman for her people, she takes part in peaceful protests, & she condemns the use of violence on *both* sides to bring about resolution to the conflict.

3.) If he thought Ashrawi seemed "aggressive" in her speech, he should keep in mind that most white people probably thought MLK Jr. made "aggressive" speeches, himself - that in the struggle for human & civil rights, an aggressive stand has to be made by the people who are being suppressed, or the situation never evolves.

He didn't seem to get my points... he was so naive. He seemed to base his arguments on the assumption that 2 equal powers were struggling for territory. Turns out this guy is Jewish, has never been to Israel to witness the conflict, & hasn't even heard about organizations like Gush Shalom or B'Tselem, which are organizations arguably targeted to Jewish persons both w/in Israel & the diaspora. Is this, then, the case of most Jewish persons living in the States? Is this guy representative of a lack of education as to what *exactly* is happening in Israel? He wasn't pro-Sharon, but he was incredibly naive.

-- Lilly
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