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Posted by panch from adsl-64-166-22-178.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Friday, December 06, 2002 at 2:11PM :

In Reply to: Right, only that it wasn't Aprim .... posted by andreas from p3EE3C6E7.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Friday, December 06, 2002 at 1:02PM :

I thought "Yesterdays Denials Todays Cheese" was really the hallucination inducing article. My mistake.

Zindalite needs to hire a high school student who has English at least as a third language, to edit the whatever it is he puts out.

I make all sorts of boners...but then I type on the fly. If you have a magazine, someone should edit. No one has to be coherent, or bright, or original, or have much to say, or be relevant to anything, or be topical, or be astute, or be knowledgeable, or be educated, or be interesting ( I know...I wrote some things there)...but there's no excuse for overlooking a single word when that word, incorrectly used, makes a mockery of the entire belabored point. If not for self-respect than at least out of respect for the audience.

Unless of course that excuse could be Simele.

Same reason I wouldn't let Nimrod or Jackie have the final say about the monuments...same reason Alphonse feels justified in ending a lovely and powerful evening of poetry by dropping his pants and mooning the audience.

Remember...these leeders, and we can add Wilfred who's trying to get somewhere on our backs as well...do what they "do for us" because no one would come to hear them if they were the whole show. They need poets and artists and hysterians...they do US the favor, according to them, when it's the other way around.

It was so kind of Yousip Bet Yousip and Ninos Aho to read poetry to us that evening...to work all those years and read for 90 minutes...just so Jackie and Alphonse could have an interminable minute of our time...and so good of them to bring little Alphonse along...to pet and stroke his ambition to be a poet as well as an engineer.

The incident with Wilfred's whine tells you everything you need to know about motives and results. Wilfred buys vats of generic battery acid..."a good deal"...and pastes on his own label. That's as far as he needs to go to join the list of "winemakers". He must chuckle under his breath about what a simple thing all this touting of oak flavors and aftertastes and tannic is...bathtub gin will do when you're in a rush and don't much care who goes blind drinking vintage paint remover.

That's step one on an Assyrian's path to "Gratness"...start cheap. Drive a Jag or a Benz by all means...drive it to the alley where your "dreams" are kept...while they think this improves the quality of back-alley ideas and garbage can achievements...what it really does is alert the passersby that the person driving to the alley in that fancy car has succeded in fooling himself only. WE don't own that car...WE don't get the benefit of its smooth air conditioned prestige. We're just standing on the street corner when the fool drives by...into OUR alley for his ideas.

Next you need to promote your product...which is really "you", dressed up in this case as a case of lighter fluid with an "Assyrian" label on it. Probably made the label on his computer and used a glue stick.

Wilfred knows a good oportunity when he see one. He hears Narsai, (who wasn't bright enough to take Wilfred's one easy step to success) is about to have a classy night at a classy joint. He buys a table...discount probably cause he's a "fellow winemaker"...or because he's helping somebody out...besides hisself...and he sks Narsai to serve his whine at table..along with those "other" wines...after all, we should support an Assyrian business enterprise shouldn't we?

If you have any kind of experience in this world you can look through a Wilfred in an instant..besides which Narsai isn't about to administer fire water to his guests in the guise of "helping" an Assyrian. Let an Assyrian do his homework first and earn the help he comes seeking to cash in on because of an accident of birth (in Wilfred's case a train wreck of birth).

Being far more accomodating than he needed to be...but keeping his eyes on the prize, Narsai agreed to put a bottle of Zindapiss at each table. Whoever took the thing home, (probably thinking it would compoare to what they'd been served), was in for a rude shock...made all the more painful by the memory of what fine wines had been served...wondering how THIS thing ever made up the elevator.

The lingering after taste to Zindapiss was not going to be "pear and cherry overtones with a light oak flourish"...but more liie..."Shit...aw damn!!! What the hell was THAT doing in a bottle"!!!

That's exactly the aftertaste Wilfred's cynnical bid to get "in" on someone else's achievements SHOULD bring. I got slimed cause I wouldn't even allow someone like him or Jackie or Nimrod or Golani, the chance at something like that. I'm just returning the slime to where it belongs...wash it down with Zindapiss.

-- panch
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