These People Will Argue To Death

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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, December 06, 2002 at 7:14PM :

Now comes new that the Assyrians of Adiabene became Jews...but only for a little while! If that's true we must be the most fickle people since Gidget went Hawaiian.

We'll argue these points and sub-points all the way down to hell which can be the only fitting place for us...after living in Bedlam while alive.

I especially like the excuse that after all...the Assyrians at the time were an opresed the Jews who kept the faith were living in the lap of luxury all those centuries after they put on their Diapers.

:Even if, and notice the IF here, the Assyrians
:of Adiabene had as a whole adopted the Jewish
:religion, this was for a very very short period
:and the Assyrians at the time were not an
:oppressed minority under the Jews and if that
:had happened it would have happened under the
:Assyrians' free will. There was no logical
:reason for them to become Jews ethnically.
:Remember too that many archaeological findings
:have proven that the Assyrians in certain
:localities had continued worshipping Ashur
:until the 8th century of the Christian era.

-- pancho
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