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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 10:03AM :

In Reply to: Interesting... posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 2:01AM :

No, common sense is never common...I agree. But what alternatives do we have? We 're dorwning in experts, in nit picking...we have people more interested in dying "pure" than surviving tainted...and who isn't tainted? Where is there a pure Frenchman...are the people living in Rome today "Romans"?

Who else is willing to see their child have its throat slit...and brag about it, rather than have it live under another name. No one is holding a knife to that kids throat these one but its Assyrian mother, Chaldean father, Jacobite grandmother, Aramaen grandfather, Nestorian uncle and half breed aunt.

We have revelled in this sort of slaughter of our own innocents...and with no one else standing by to do the killing...we wield the knife ourselves. It's a habit by now.

We have before us the jarring spectacle of "patriots"...lovers of Assyria...defenders of Chaldea...various heads and tails of a bewildering array of religious sects...each holding a knife to the throat of our one last remaining Assyrian child...and all of them eager to cut..."Better dead than not like ME".

If Tiglath's draft is "unrealistic", then these other people are out and out insane. I'd venture to say that those of us who could sign onto the ideas expressed in this document will be least likely to foam at the mouth and comply if handed that knife and told to "Cut For Assyria".

At the very core of being this kind of an expressed in Tiglath's statement, would be a refusal to kill that Assyrian child...for the sake of Assyria.

Our Heritage is that child, and if we don't stop tearing and slashing at it in the name pf loving it, loving it to death if need least the child will live...and unlike Christ, Ashur wants us to live for him/her...not die in devotion...not let our Heritage slip away from us because it isn't "purely" the way we want it.

Yahweh told his people if they found themselves ever confronted with a choice between martyrdom or apostasy, they were to do what it took to stay alive...that he sees into their hearts and knows their true feelings...and wants them to live, to breed and produce more followers for him. Not us...any chance to lessen our numbers, to die, to get our children killed, to deny our Heritage, to refuse to work for it because "it" isn't being presented in a "pure" form...we take...because we are being true to the ideal...while failing utterly to promote a reality.

I vote for life...under the most inclusive definition of Assyrian there can be...not versions that seek to lock me in and drive out everyone else.

-- pancho
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