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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 12:03PM :

In Reply to: Abrahamic Faiths and Assyrians posted by Paul Younan from ( on Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 11:44AM :

: Fred,

: Abraham heard the voice of God while he was still in Chaldea.

++++Well you're positing something you can't prove...something we get from the Jews...from their own history book. Which God? What was Yahweh doing in Chaldea? Did Ashur speak to Abraham...was it Marduk? Why should Abraham matter to us in the first place? Why should what he heard Yahweh say count for more than what Ashurbanipal heard Ashur say? Why all this blather about what Jews said, what Jews heard, where Jews travelled to, what Jews built, what Jews spawned, who was born a jew carpenter and then a Messiah to the Jews...why???

: That being the case I feel that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are ultimately Mesopotamian in origin.

+++They may well them old and hoary Jews picked up whatever civilization they had from the desert Arabs did years later....that being the case why don't we honor ourselves as the originial article, rather than buy our own stories back, at discount, with us playing minor roles?

: Therefore, I feel there is nothing wrong with Assyrians following any of those faiths, since they began in our land.

+++That's one big jump. Because their origins are with us...we have to go chase after them? If they saw enough of value in what we developed, so much so that they took it from us...why would we leave what so impressed them?

+++We only develped what was so rich and wonderful because we believed in Ashur all those centuries...that's what made us something to be valued and emulated and ripped-off. That's a far cry from what we now have...

+++If what you say is true, and has any significance...then all the more reason we should have been impressed enought to hold onto what inspired others.

: Am I wrong?

+++No, you aren't wrong. But you aren't right either.

-- pancho
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