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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 1:07PM :

All America has to do is point a finger at you...stick that finger in your eye, and you're done for. The media fall into line...stories are circulated...reports are issued, allies are brought in to coroborate the stories...denials are scoffed at....if you ignore them it's "proof" that you have nothing to say in your defense...if you answer it's "proof" that there must be something there in the allegations or you wouldn't have bothered...and ultimately, you're just lying anyway.

The American people have no way of knowing the truth, and just enough of them don't care anyway to get an idiot like Bush elected to rule over all of us.

Why would Saddam lie about anything now? With all those guns and planes surrounding him...why give the slightest excuse? The answers to that simple question will tell you how deranged we've become...what happens when you rely on guns and bombs to smooth your way for you.

We aren't making any sense...and don't feel we have to becuase who's going to stop us anyway?

No one will have to...a people made this callous and indifferent and just plain stupid, and proud of it...will defeat themselves. You can't think and behave as Americans do towards their own poor and well as the poor of other nations...the ones who weren't poor till you interfered with them for the sake of a few can't do this and escape your karma.

-- pancho
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