Guardians of What?

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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 3:25PM :

Our priests have been minding "our" religion in temples we've been building them for hundreds of years...and to an increasingly expensive tune. In fact the more millions we spend on Jesus Christ the better we feel we honor ourselves.

You can bet Alphonse wouldn't have dared to have given a little "sermonette" after a priest got through with the benediction. He at least would have known enough not to do that. Jackie would never have lavished her whatevers on a priest, then seen to it he stood a good chance of being arrested for daring to refuse her highness. Wilfred wouldn't have dreamed to suggest the sacramental wine could as easily be replaced with his Zindapiss. No...we know what really counts.

Our poets, writers and artists are the priests of our Heritage...our Assyrian Heritage, not the Christian one we share with every huckster in the world. Yet we build them nothing, we give them nothing but empty praise we like hearing ourselves utter...they must practise as best they can out in the open, unprotected, unheeded, uncared for...almost as if we hated their very existence because they tug at our memories of a time when we didn't go shopping for goodies but stood by our own ways.

The Jews kept faith their old madman of a god...even reformed him and turned him into a new god of a new testament with a new son who spawned his own NEW Judaic faith. Not us. Ashur broke his promise...couldn't heal old Abgar of the Clap and off he went...and off we went to whichever god could do us right...after we slept around. And you wonder why we are here...after having been there?

-- pancho
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