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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 3:49PM :

What a fool!

The treatment I received...the treatment William Daniel received...the treatment Ninos Aho and Yousip exactly the same response we gave to those who remained Assyrian in every way...including religion...when the rest of us were merrily getting in line for our treats.

That's where I started out years ago...believing that we really aren't proud at all of being Assyrian...not at all.

And in reality you can't call us Christian either...where's the outrage...where's the committment to life and peace and charity and forgiveness? We're as eager to see our homelands bloodied as any Israeli.

We aren't anything...neither really Christian nor really Assyrian. We do TALK a lot about both of them...but you know most of us are blowhards...that's why the one who actually works for an Assyrian Heritage is despised...not openly of course...we aren't honest enough for that even...but secretly and behind his or her back.

We haven't stopped betraying Ashur's a tough habit to break...and all the praise we've ever received from anyone, including ourselves, including our clergy...came because we turned our back on the one single entity that gave us meaning...Ashur...and NOT as a result of remaining true to him.

If it's true that Christ is worth working for and fighting for and living for and dying for and looking into the face of...then how much MORE true are all those things about Ashur?

I would far rather see Ashur in the face than any jew god who promised to cure me of anything...ESPECIALLY my reverance and gratitude for Ashur.

-- pancho
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