Letter To Ford Motor Company

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Posted by pancho from pool0490.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Monday, December 09, 2002 at 12:29PM :

If I wanted to do unto others...I'd find out who Atour Golani's supervisor was and send a complaint about how one of his employees spends company time and resources. It's one thing to use the office fax machine and cop a few freebies here and there. It's another thing entirely to take three bronze sculptures to work and have another employee weld them togther.

In the letter I'd include an affadavit from the foundry that cast the sculptures...that made the new molds, and still has two of them...unwelded, as they were sent to Atour.

Janey was furious that I dared even mention it...dared to be upset about it...dared anything. Apparently whatever the leadership of Assyria decides to do to an Assyrian's work, an Assyrian who refuses to play Christian, or his ability to care for his family, is secure, is above censure. Hell...ruining this type of Assyrian out and away may be the one thing they do best.

That's the way these people think...that just because it strains them beyond measure to run a party and serve chickens...they have busted a gut for Assyria. All this other stuff had better not try to compete. What if anything of a lasting nature have any of these people accomplished? Did they even try to make anything meaningful? Could they? So far Nimrod's legacy will be stopping the city of Chicago from installing a $200,000 monument of Shumirum, paid for by everyone BUT him. Next to that what do his speeches at political rallies amount to? What Assyrian, one month after Nimrod is buried, is going to benefit from anything Nimrod said or did...more than the rest of us were damaged by the most "powerfull" thing this putz accomplished?

Atour Golani's claim to fame will be his attempt to run the Hottentots of the Federation like a minor division of Ford employees...something he's sort of good at...at Ford. If the Federation made cars they'd idle on bullshit...for two minutes, then break down for good if you dared go around the block.

His other achievement was to have his balls shrunk in Jackie Bejan's handshake...because she didn't get her way ALL the way...the monument of Hammurabi was scrapped as well...didn't even make it to bronze...after $90,000 and three years of work. I was the only one to be stopped from selling at San Hosed...even though the other artists signed the same agreement not to sell...it wasn't enforced against any of them.

It's funny...with the least notoriety, the least publicity...we were able to complete the first monument, the one of Ashurbanipal installed in San Francisco 14 years ago. With what we thought would have been positive press among Assyrians, we were instead stopped short of installing the second one, of Shumirum. After 13 years it made it to bronze...but sits in a warehouse gathering dust for the last six years...years during which the Federation and the AUA have done exactly what?

The third monument, of Hammurabi, didn't make to bronze even, but died in plaster. And the fourth one, the Lamasu, made it half way in clay, not even to plaster...not to bronze, not even to storage...and none of the last three are going to be installed anywhere.

It seems we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory...again.

I wont send any letters to Ford...relax. I can't see deliberately harming a man's reputation or standing, and I'm sure as hell not about to hurt an Assyrian family with four children to raise (I only have three).

Work with us and you takes your life in your hands. If you have any real ability...you'll have to leave it, and your nuts, guts and mind, at the door. Assyria hasn't had room in it for Assyrians in hundreds of years.

Only Christians need apply...(BYOC), Bring Your Own Cross.

-- pancho
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