The Truth About Forced Vaccination

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Posted by andreas from ( on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 5:30AM :

Guerilla News Network

November 15, 2002
Stephen Marshall, Berkeley

The Truth About Forced Vaccination:

On a weekly basis, GNN receives approximately 10-15 emails from our critical mass readership. Most of the messages are brief shout-outs of support, inquiries about better streaming of the videos and the odd complaint about the white text-on-black background that we chose for the initial version of the site. But once in a while we get a request to cover a specific issue of concern that seems to have been overlooked either in the mainstream or by GNN, itself. These are some of my favorite correspondences because they show us most directly what is on the minds of those people who have found some value in what we are trying to do with the network.

Case in point:

Yesterday morning we received an email from Reverend Greg Ropp in Edinboro, PA asking about the AfterMath video. He then went on to note:

Also, I am amazed that your site has no info about the MEHPA legislation that is running through our states. (Basically allows govenors to declare "states of emergencies" which will pave way for forced vaccinations, destruction of private property without compensation, etc...)

So, inspired by our Editor-in-Chief's frighteningly detailed report about the Information Awareness Office, I decided to research the MEHPA legislation and glean what the facts are about this proposition of forced vaccinations and state-sanctioned seizure of private property. What I discovered seems almost more scandalously conspiratorial than the IAO's self-described "technology" of biologically inspired algorithms for agent control. It's all so very, darkly... clinical, indeed.

First of all, the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act was first drafted in December, 2001. Four days before Christmas, actually, so we can safely assume that it was not something that was encountered with the most reassuring degree of public scrutiny. But, as with much of the post-9/11 legislation, the Act came into being and was swiftly endorsed by one of the Bush Adminstration's seemingly endless (slightly too well-manicured) white knights. In this case, Dept. of Health and Human Services Secretary, Tommy Thomson. In describing the new legislation, even the typically bland USA Today Health and Science reporter Mimi Hall could not veil its ominous potential:

A model law developed for the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and provided to state legislatures last year would give authorities the right to enforce quarantines, vaccinate people, seize and destroy property without compensation, and ration medical supplies, food and fuel in a public-health emergency.

In other words, the worst-case-scenario interpretation of the legislation is that US citizens living in MEHPA adopting states will:

* have a mandatory vaccination or be charged with a crime,

* get a mandatory medical exam, or be charged with a crime and,


* doctors in those states will give the exam or be charged with a crime

* property can be seized if there is "reasonable cause to believe" that it may pose a public health hazard... it can be burned or destroyed and you will not have recourse or compensation.

Now, as far as the powers granted to the State Governor under the provisions of the Act, they are what you would expect. The Governor is granted unrestricted power to declare an emergency at his own discretion. The legislature can not interfere for at least 60 days and, even after that deadline, a two-thirds vote of both chambers would be needed to block the dictatorial powers.

The latest reports that I could find regarding the number of states that had passed the law were from last summer. So I am not sure how accurate they are. But, as of late July, USA Today reported that "16 states and the District of Columbia have passed all or parts of the model law. It has been rejected or stalled in 22 states." One of the first states to pass it was Secretary Thompson's own Wisconsin (he was formerly the Governor). And, as Barbara Flynn, founder of CHERUBS reported, the criminalization of vaccine-resistors is hardly symbolic:

On February 27, 2002, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a Mandated Vaccination/ Emergency Health Powers Act which calls for a $10,000 fine and /or nine months in prison for those who refuse vaccinations.

In describing the way that Federal agencies are using monetary incentives to fuel pro-MEHPA legislation, Flynn cited this case from her home state of New Jersey:

In an article in New Jersey’s Daily Record on January 20, 2002, District 21 Assemblyman Dr. Eric Munoz promised to spearhead a Rapid Mass Smallpox Immunization Plan for New Jersey. And in the February 1, 2002 edition of the Star-Ledger we find that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has offered New Jersey $26.8 million to "come up with a plan" by April 15, 2002.

So, as you can see, there is a very strong movement coming from the Administration's core clinical assets for the passage of this Act. But if you think this is the first time in US history that the citizenry has faced this kind of authoritarian directive from the medical Establishment, it's time for your history lesson. Here is a quote from Jamie Murphy's seminal book on vaccines, What Every Parent Should Know about Childhood Immunization:

In 1902, Cambridge Massachusetts Board of Health passed an ordinance that required everyone to get smallpox vaccinations every 5 years or pay a $5 fine. Henning Jacobsen and his son who had both suffered severe and prolonged reactions to the vaccine refused both the vaccine and the fine. Both were found guilty by the Massachusetts Supreme Court and Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts became the first and only vaccination case to reach the highest court. The Supreme Court ignored compelling evidence that the vaccines did not work and were dangerous.

"While we do not decide and cannot decide that vaccination is a preventative of smallpox, we take judicial notice of the fact that this is the common belief of the people of the State, and with this fact as a foundation we hold that the statute in question is a health law, enacted as a reasonable and proper exercise of police power."

Incredibly, the Supreme Court was basing its decision on the widely held, public conception of vaccines instead of any empirical, scientific evidence. Which can be a dangerous thing. Especially when it comes to vaccination. This past weekend, the New York Times Magazine ran an article about Dr. Neal Halsey, the celebrated Johns Hopkins pediatrician and scholar who was chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on infectious diseases from 1995 through June 1999. Illuminatively titled, The Not-So-Crackpot Autism Theory, the piece was an incredible mainstream admission that the long-held anti-vaccination "cult" theory of mercury poisoning via child immunization could actually have merit.

For those of you who do not know about the whole thimerosal immunization saga, I suggest you do some research. It is probably one of the most potentially tragic stories of the last half century. If true, and the medical Establishment has acted about as expediently as the Catholic Church in dealing with pedophiliac abuse by its priesthood... if true, then an entire generation of kids have been neurally poisoned with mercury which is a major ingredient of thimerosal, a preservative commonly used for child vaccines. Quoting from the Times Magazine article:

The investigation into mercury vaccines was instigated in 1997 by Representative Frank Pallone Jr., a New Jersey Democrat whose district includes a string of shore towns where mercury in fish is one of many environmental concerns. Pallone, who had been pressing the government to re-evaluate its overall guidelines on mercury toxicity, attached an amendment to an F.D.A. bill requiring the agency to inventory all mercury contained in licensed drugs and vaccines.

The job of adding up the amount of mercury in vaccines and assessing its risk fell to Robert Ball, an F.D.A. scientist, and two F.D.A. pediatricians, Leslie Ball, Robert's wife, and R. Douglas Pratt. Thimerosal, which is 50 percent ethyl mercury by weight, had been used as a vaccine preservative since the 1930's in the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis shot, known as D.T.P., and it was later added to some vaccines for hepatitis B and haemophilus bacteria, which by the early 1990's had become routine immunizations for infants.

The F.D.A. team's conclusions were frightening. Vaccines added under Halsey's watch had tripled the dose of mercury that infants got in their first few months of life. As many as 30 million American children may have been exposed to mercury in excess of Environmental Protection Agency guidelines -- levels of mercury that, in theory, could have killed enough brain cells to scramble thinking or hex behavior.

''My first reaction was simply disbelief, which was the reaction of almost everybody involved in vaccines,'' Halsey says. ''In most vaccine containers, thimerosal is listed as a mercury derivative, a hundredth of a percent. And what I believed, and what everybody else believed, was that it was truly a trace, a biologically insignificant amount. My honest belief is that if the labels had had the mercury content in micrograms, this would have been uncovered years ago. But the fact is, no one did the calculation.''

Making matters worse, the latest science on mercury damage suggested that even small amounts of organic mercury could do harm to the fetal brain. Some of the federal safety guidelines on mercury were relaxed in the 90's, even as the amount of mercury that children received in vaccines increased. The more Halsey learned about these mercury studies, the more he worried.

Shouldn't we? I mean... one thing I have always wondered about these mandatory vaccination programs is, if the vaccines are so effective, then why are those who opt out of them such a risk to the immunized populace? Especially to the extent that they are going to be criminalized and fined? And, furthermore, if such drastic measures are being contemplated in respect to the collective health and welfare of the US population, why can't more scrutiny and funding be allocated for an investigation into the rise in autism among child immunization clients and of an entire generation's sudden affliction of "attention deficit disorders"?

You know what I mean?

Well Reverend Greg, I hope this has been a worthy start. I appreciate you bringing me closer to this incredibly ominous issue. For those who want to do a little more research on this subject, I suggest the website of Dr. Len Horowitz as well as the National Vaccine Information Center's Smallpox and Forced Vaccination: What Every American Needs To Know.

Now just bend over... this won't hurt a bit.

-- andreas
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