Look, Dr. Watson ... #2

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Posted by andreas from p3EE3C6A2.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 9:58AM :

Look, Dr. Watson ... #2

Pics at URL below

Israel Tries To Steal Mombasa "Evidence"
The anatomy of an attack that only "looked like" it was targeted on Jews, Part 2

Copyright Joe Vialls, 3 December 2002

Collateral damage Israeli style. Mossad deliberately left these welcoming dancers in the lobby of the
hotel to take the full force of the blast. All twelve members of the dance troupe were killed instantly.

Perhaps realizing that they had left fatally flawed evidence lying around Mombasa airport, more than a hundred heavily armed Israeli soldiers landed at the East Coast port on December 1, and demanded that the Kenyan Police hand over the "evidence". By all accounts they were particularly anxious to get their hands of the unfired sky-blue "Strela" missile launching tubes left near the end of Runway 21. To their astonishment and considerable anger, the Israeli demand was met with a point-blank "NO".
The Kenyan police had already worked out for themselves that the Strela launchers had not been fired, and were still trying to establish exactly why the crew of Arkia Airlines Flight 582 had ignored standard airport procedures on November 28, and taken off from the wrong runway. Instead of using Runway 03 [heading 030 degrees] where the overrun is the Indian Ocean, Flight 582 had deliberately ignored instructions and taken off in the opposite direction, i.e. from Runway 21 [heading 210 degrees], which rather conveniently took them inland, directly overhead the decoy Strela launchers hidden in the long grass.
Not only that. Because of the prevailing winds, ninety nine percent of all flights out of Mombasa from August thru January take off from Runway 03, and two had done so immediately prior to Arkia Flight 582 taxiing out from the terminal on November 28. So if you were a bunch of bona fide Hollywood "al Qaeda" terrorist fanatics, you would of course shout "Allah Akhbar!" [God is Great], and ride your horses down to the overrun area of Runway 03 on the beach.
Drawing curved daggers to ruthlessly butcher any surfers who got in your way, you would then line your trusty Strela heat seekers up on Flight 582, blow its engine pods off, and carelessly throw the spent launch tubes into the ocean. This is exactly how it is done. I know, because just like all of Hollywood's top Zionists film producers, I too have been to the local video store and rented "Lawrence of Arabia".
Think about it people, think about it. How did the Mossad agents who planted the Strela launchers, know in advance that the crew of Arkia Flight 582 would be the first aircraft to directly violate standard procedures in three years? Put another way, how did they know exactly where to leave the dummy launchers for the media to find? Clearly the Mossad agents had outstanding extra sensory perception, or they arranged the whole illusion with the aircrew, long before Flight 582 taxied out to the runway. You choose whichever you would prefer to be the truth.
Of course, it helps that you now know that the overrun area of Runway 03 is located in ten-feet-deep water, and therefore a very difficult place to expect even the most compliant of media crews to locate and film the sky-blue decoy launch tubes. No, for the Mossad scam to work properly they had to break the rules, and with typical Israeli arrogance, assumed no one would notice the "minor" deception.
But the deception was noticed by Kenyan authorities, who also noticed the launch tubes had not been fired. When they arrived back in Tel Aviv and realized they'd screwed up big time, the Israelis rapidly starting leaking another ingenious tale to the media, which discreetly hinted that the Arkia Boeing 757 "might have been fitted with top secret missile warning equipment", which had somehow miraculously prevented the airplane from being hit by two deadly heat seekers, allegedly fired at point-blank range. As you will see from the pictures below, this was also a complete lie.

Arkia Flight 582 immediately after landing at Ben Gurion airport in Palestine on November 28. Note the
total absence of missile warning aerials or magnesium flare dispensers on the tail, wings and belly.

In the last few days, the media has started repeating "grave" Israeli warnings that "al Qaeda" will probably use one of these weapons against you or your family when you take off from New York, London or Sydney, so now might be a good time for a mercifully short lesson in shoulder-launched missile capabilities. Of course, the Mombasa scam was contrived to prepare you for "friendly fire" CIA or Mossad "false flag" heat seekers, which they can then blame on the naughty "al Qaeda", but the lesson might still be useful at the personal level. After all, it doesn't really matter exactly who fires the heat seeker, if one of these nasties homes in on the engine or engines of your holiday flight to Florida, Mallorca or Fiji, it could ruin your whole day. But imagine the personal pleasure of being able to watch the missile launch against your own passenger jet, and just have time to brag to the passenger sitting next to you, "Look, that's a Mossad missile!"
The main part of the lesson here, is that there is no such thing as a "secret warning radar" that can protect you from a heat seeker at very low speed and very low altitude, as was [laughably] claimed with Arkia Airlines Flight 582. There are missile warning devices which operate quite well against radar-guided and infra-red missiles at medium and high altitudes, but we won't waste time with these here. The CIA and Mossad can only credibly fire a false flag missile at you that "al Qaeda" might reasonably have access to as well, which limits the field to shoulder-launched heat seekers like the Strela, Stinger, or a handful of others. There are minor differences, but they all work in the same general way.

The decoy Strela launch tubes positioned in the overrun area of Runway 21. Note the total lack of blowback residue on the sky-blue launchers. The small "finned" objects in the center and right pics are not "five inch missiles" as someone suggested. They are coolant catridges [one per shot], used to chill the infra-red seeker lens in the missile, allowing sufficient thermal contrast to detect and lock onto the target aircraft's jet exhaust.

In basic terms the shoulder launched heat seeker is strictly up close and personal, with its overall slant range limited to about three miles. This means that it only has three miles total in which to kill you, from the point at which it first leaves the launch tube to the point at which it flies up your hot jetpipe and blows the engine pod off your wing. In turn this means that shoulder launched heat seekers can really only kill your aircraft very close to the airport, either immediately after take off, or immediately before landing.
There is only one defence, I repeat only one defence, against such weapons at close range, which is to actively and continuously fire magnesium flares from your own airplane. You can't wait for some mythical "secret radar" to warn you of a Strela in the runway overrun area, and then pop a single flare. By the time you [or the "secret radar"] actually reacted to such an attack, you would already be dead, and cremated in mid-air at no extra charge.
Because magnesium burns much hotter than your jet engine exhaust, the heat seeker normally considers one of your multiple popping magnesium flares a really sexy target, instantly falls in love with it, and is thus [hopefully] decoyed away from your comparatively dull jetpipes. Sadly, this is not one-hundred-percent guaranteed.
Military aircraft in combat zones pop flares all the time on take off and approach, because they know full well that there is no "top secret radar" in service that can warn them quickly enough to save their hides. Please note that military aircraft normally do this in someone else's country [Afghanistan for example], and therefore don't give a damn what the falling magnesuim flares might set fire to. A sizeable number of them do hit the ground still burning.
Now the trick here, before you allow your local government to squander $5 million [each] fitting flare dispensers to every airliner in your national fleet, is to remember that what you can do with impunity at Bagram airport in Afghnistan, you most certainly cannot do at John F. Kennedy, London Heathrow or Sydney Mascot. Start firing multiple flares on the take off run at one of these prestigious establishments, and you will very likely set fire to everything from the control tower to the sleek passenger bus taking you and your family to the transit lounge. Put bluntly, counter measures like these are useless for a civil airliner in a civil environment, which is why the CIA and Mossad know they can drop your airplane, yes, your airplane, whenever they feel the need to drive a bit more hatred towards "al Qaeda", or whichever other luckless Muslim group that New York might nominate as "Terrorists of the Month.". .

Two Hercules transport planes "popping" magnesium flares. Ask yourself, do you really want one of these bouncing off the roof of your automobile in the airport car park, or landing in little Johnny's stroller?

Because Israel started this whole thing with the decoy operation in Mombasa, it seems suitable that I should leave you with the [very] recent words of a bona fide media-accredited Israeli spokesman, apparently offering a kindly word of warning to the world, on behalf of that outstanding Israeli humanitarian, Ariel Sharon.
Boaz Ganor, head of Israel's International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, said the appearance of missiles, while not entirely new, pointed to a new approach in the "evolution of terrorism."
In the 1960s and early 1970s, terror groups hijacked planes, which led to the introduction of metal detectors and sky marshals. The 1980s and 1990s saw terrorists sneak bombs onto planes, but that has become more difficult with sophisticated detection equipment, Ganor said.
"Now I think you'll see these groups use missiles to try to shoot down planes from the ground," he said.

Uh Oh! Now repeat after me: "Do I really, really need to fly this week, or month or year?

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The overrun area at the end of Mombasa's Runway 03, which Arkia Flight 582 should have used that day, but didn't. Bit of a problem getting journalists to wade round in the surf looking for pretty sky-blue decoy Strela launchers...

-- andreas
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