..."Respectively, Fred Aprim "

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Posted by andreas from p3EE3C222.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 2:25PM :

Just for the several respective respects for Mr Aprim I hope he is emplyoing some terms in their obsolete meanings and in this case he only wants to submit his "respect, regard"(Shakesp.) to the honoured recipient of his respective letter.

But, I am not so sure and also tempted to take his literary convulsions in their more modern and literary way:

"May God bless you and glory to the Assyrian Nation.
Fred Aprim "

And didn't he finally and ultimatively deserve God's blessing and all Assyrian glory?

Would this really be too insolent and unrespective a demand or entitlement respectively?


Thought of the Day: An Open Letter to Mr. Khamo

Posted By: Fred Aprim (105.sanfrancisco-12rh16rt-ca.dial-access.att.net)
Date: Tuesday, 10 December 2002, at 12:45 p.m.

Dear Secretary General Shimon Khamo

As an Assyrian activist I salute your honorable stand of unity and cooperation with the ADM in these crucial hours of the life of the Assyrian national movement. It is in times like these that true Assyrians rise to shine on the political and national scene. It is through such admirable stand that the restless souls of all the Assyrian martyrs are beatified.

Assyrians understand how tough it has been to be aggressively progressive when so many external and internal elements have been placed, and continue to be placed, in the Assyrians’ path for demanding justice and liberty. Assyrians understand how certain individuals among us have been used by our enemies to undermine our rightful share for better and dignified life just like every other free nation on earth. History will not forget such individuals; they will live in shame, despised by their own people and ultimately die alone.

Great leaders, Mr. Secretary General, are born in times of urgency and distress. Today you have portrayed to all of us what it is to be a truly concerned Assyrian leader. Assyrians can easily examine the fragile situation of the Assyrian Nation today. Upon such examination every Assyrian is expected to make the only sensible and admirable decision that a genuine and true Assyrian should make. Assyrians cannot afford to show division on today’s world scene; a complete unity is the only way to gain the respect and support of the democratic free world. You understood this very well and chose humbleness over egoism, unity over division, and the state of collective Assyrian welfare over a worthless personal glory.

The Assyrian people will remember with the highest esteem all those who cleared the way for the Assyrian national dream to seek its place under the sun.

May God bless you and glory to the Assyrian Nation.
Fred Aprim

-- andreas
-- signature .

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