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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 2:33PM :

In Reply to: From the past... to the future posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 12:50PM :

Just returned from court. The judge is a good person...funny lady. One guy complained that his lawyer quit because of a conflict of interest, "your honor, the dog ate my lawyer."

She said half the people in the county are lawyers...go out and find another one.

The fellow representing Jackie, Atour and Alphonse is a good man. In fact both lawyers are quite handsome. That's Jackie's touch. Ugly people may be as competant...but the pretty ones are prettier. What's an Armenian half-breed with ill fitting but expensive suits supposed to do?

Anyway we chatted about this and that before we went in. He asked if there was something to be done. I said, sure...expose Jackie for what she is...he said that wasn'ty what he meant. I said I was going to drop my counter-complaint's too difficult to do this long distance...five trips already to have thirty seconds with the judge. These guys make their money BEFORE you get to lobbing bills at each other both sides have to pay. You don't just walk in on Solomon in all his have to narrow things down and that takes time and money...a lot of money.

I've logged 25,000 miles on this thing already, and I hate Dallas!!!...that's once around the world, or through it...can't remember...I was an Affirmative Action Assyrian...I really was! Thank god for me there was such a thing as slavery and the Black Panthers blew away several cops in Oakland around the time I was ready for University or I never would have gotten into Cal Berkeley. I marked "Assyrian" on the ethnic minority section and such was the collective guilt at the time...and so dumb are people about Assyrian or Abyssinian or Abysmal, that I got in...when my grades qualified me for Saigon "U".

So anyway...he's going to discuss this with the other side...and see how much more of the Federation's money they want to spend cause Jackie got her knickers in a snit. I said, "don't get me wrong...I would dearly love to get to trial on Jackie's lawsuit claiming that if you tell the truth about her you MUST defame definition." Just trying to to put a bitch(female dog) out of its misery.

Yes, little Nineveh...we DO have leaders like this. an artist bastard I acted as I should have. You have to figure that the first guy who gets the brilliant idea of wading in among us to get money to build a monument...when no one asked him to...has got to be one stubborn, determined sort of lunatic you should cross at your own peril.

After pulling the thing off, I can be relagated to a padded cell...a revolutionary is always eaten alive after the revolution...and this was a small, mini revolution for us. Marked the first time we actually contributed something to the dominant culture our children grow up in...something besides champagne brunches at martyrfests and wild assed letters to world leaders that must startle the hell out of them.

Let the next ones who come along...and someday they will....let them be even tempered and perfectly polite. Maybe by then we will have learned better than to elect people to lead us whose only qualification is their utter lack of any.

This rat bastard is going back to Mexico to figure out what comes next. You keep these rat bastards for yourselves. See what they do "for US".

-- pancho
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