Did The Jackster Really Wanna Hump?

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Posted by pancho from pool0500.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 3:12PM :

No. I don't think so. Jackie is all about putting it out there to see who bites...metaphorically speaking of course.

There's a gushing sort of frothiness about her...sort of like a Frappucino on high alert. Those of you who know her...who think you do...will not see this side of her...especially after she's been dealt a severe blow (watch it!!) by yoors trooly.

Some women's attractiveness has to come from their make-up and clothing...it just HAS to. Take those away...well, don't. I was a little surprised that she asked me...no, told me..."I should take you to Detroit with me". No one in their right mind goes to Detroit for an assignation, I don't care how big it is. People wont even go there to buy cars...which are made their more often and better than any person ever was.

And when you consider that the reason for the trip was to attend an NEC meeting of the Federation...it becomes obvious there's no reason for me to go. What the hell was I supposed to do in Detroit for a weekend with Jackie? The answer is , "nothing"...she knew I wouldn't go...as she knew I wasn't gonna grab her forbidden fruits, in her garden...look what happened the last time.

All of the teases and come-ons...they shy little girl cackle...as close to a sheep in distress as you'd ever want to hear...the cleavage...the battling puppies in her drawers as she sprints away from you...all of the eye batting and lip -pouting is a snare...a device to see just how stupid we men are. To see if any shmuck really believes this woman is eager to do the nasty...bump those uglies in the night.

Should any desperate ageing Lothario fall for it and make a grab...he's CAUGHT! He wont get anything...I don't care how cute...(although there was...). SHE will get something though...she has the goods on you from then on...and you KNOW it!

Once she turns her guns on you...you're done for. There is a sort of male who will be her "friend"...and be safe. he's won over easily and doesn't require "goosing". He's also not the one she covets. Like any man on the hunt...the only prize worth the having is the one most likely to stay out of range and elude all snares and bullets.

I always made it plain to Jackie that I wasn't interested in her...her car or pool...and not even her money. I figured she wanted to buy sculpture...good for her...I gave her a good price and that...should have been the end of that.

She worked hard to get me, Jeff too, in her stable where the other mules are. That she had to show cleavage...swing that "thang" AND pay out...was just too much in the end. After having invested so much she figured I wouldn't dare oppose her on anything...look what she did to her "dear brother" Jeff.

Now she knows her assets wont always work...and that, perish the thought, is what weighs on her the most. The easy victories aren't worth much, in fact she despises those. Ah...but the ones that get away. Remember...this has nothing to do with my perceived desirability...it isn't me as a "sexual" object she wanted...it's me as the sculptor...the one she wanted to tell people they would have to go through her to get to...the one who was "hers"...not to bed, but to be on the inside with. Poor thing...she did everything she could...every plan, made every investment, put in the hours...only to be told, "no".

Shakespeare knew what he was talking about...so does Panch.

-- pancho
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