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Posted by pancho from pool0729.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 5:02PM :

The following dribble comes from the same source...taxi driving patriots who think their ship has come in...when it's about to land on them...


A Zinda Magazine Public Bulletin
5 December 2002

[Z-Info: The following is an unauthorized translation of the Joint Declaration of the Assyrian organizations noted below, from Arabic.]

Joint Declaration of the
Beth Nahrain Liberation Party
Assyrian National Organization
Beth Nahrain National Union

During the period of October 24-25, 2002, three Assyrian organizations GHB (Beth Nahrain Liberation Party), ANO (Assyrian National Organization), and (BNU) Beth Nahrain National Union, met in one of the European capitals.

+++The dog...don't forget the dog. The meeting is over...it's safe to say which capital. Where's Europe anyway?

The latest regional and international events and their present and future implications on our Assyrian Chaldean Syriac nation were addressed during the meeting.

++++Where did you guys find the time? Did any of you understand anything that was said? Maybe we should meet in Arabic.

The followings were agreed upon:

1. The refusal of all scenarios that asks for the occupation of Iraq and puts it under foreign mandate.

+++You mean like it isn't now?

2. The necessity for the undergoing of the expanded opposition meeting as soon as possible. This meeting must include all the active Iraqi groups. It is imperative that an inclusive national agenda be agreed upon based on the unity of the land and the people of Iraq and its complete independence. Furthermore, a national transitional government be set to undertake the responsibilities in the transitional period in order to avoid chaos, acts of revenge, and to prepare for the establishment of a free democratic multi-party Iraq based on a permanent constitution, which will be instituted by the elected parliament.

+++Oh PLEEZ!!!

3. The refusal of the proposed political projects that undermines the legal rights of the ethnic Assyrians and Turkomans.

++++You mean the American gameplan for which you were bought...I mean paid...ah, I mean came aboard for?

4. The unification of the political agenda through the establishment a broad national front inclusive of all political activities for our people in Iraq and abroad in accordance to the requirements of the period.

++++I think you're free-styling here...getting carried away. Freedom is harder to do than to spell.

Furthermore, preparations should be undertaken for a project that translates the vision of our people for the future Iraq in some sort of a Declaration of Principles.

"Some Sort" indeed...what sort? Or will that come later...once cannibalism has been introduced.

Beth Nahrain Liberation Party
Assyrian National Organization
Beth Nahrain National Union

+++Forget Simele...Remember, "The Tragedy of 03".

note: Jackie...if you start now, you can store champagne for "the future" of our people...at a good price.

-- pancho
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