ROOTERS: Iraqi Opposition Meets

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Posted by R. Dusseldorf from ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 0:39AM :

Recently, at an undisclosed city in one of the continents, members of the Iraqi Opposition group, funded by the United States, met to discuss stratergy. Meeting was late to commence as most members of the Opposition were opposed to arriving on time...then argued about who went in first and in what order after that...there was more opposition when it came to who would speak first and what he would say.

Ahmed Babel spoke first... said he was pleased to see the Opposition acting like it...said it was a good sign that they would oppose most things coming their way, because as they understood it...the United States was paying them to be in opposition...and until it started paying them for being in agreement...would continue in opposition to any agreement.

Meeting came to a close with Brigadier General, Admiral and Wing Commander Salem Jizmo Ranceed, reciting "Beware The Jaberwocki...a veiled reference to Jabbar al Woq, leader of the Opposition to the Opposition. Delegates were reduced to tears.

Rolf Dusseldorf

Hambergerburg Germ.

-- R. Dusseldorf
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