Assyrian Democratic Opposition

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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 11:58AM :

I know what they think they were saying in that title...but what they actually are is expressed there better, not what they think they are...or would have us believe. These guys are indeed Opposed to Democracy. Assyrian groups have no truck with democracy...have no idea what it idea what kind of trouble it leads to, and certainly no qualifications or experience in it...or in the the first of the thousands of things you have to understand before you can indulge in demcoracy.

They do know how to pander and prattle and pimp however...this country says, "democracy"...and they'll say democracy too. This country says anything...and they'll say anything too. After all, Assyrians make great employees. The praise heaped on us by the Brits couldn't have suited a terrier puppy better. Assyrians make great pets.

You've seen how these groups...supposedly all interested in the same thing..."being dominant over the others...and screw you"...turn on each other, lie and spit and threaten whenever they are crossed in anyway. One guy at beth said he didn't like the new forum...and was immediately answered with, "this forum doesn't like you".

So let me be the first to congratulate these monkeys...all of them...for running their first successful covert operation...against the rest of us...for trying to convince us they aren't Fascists...which they is.

You can see them now...jackboots and riding crops...demanding conformity to Democracy...or else!

-- pancho
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