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Posted by Jeff from d53-106-196.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 1:41PM :

In Reply to: William Daniel posted by panch from pool0084.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 8:30AM :

: He was a difficult man...brilliant. Excellent poet, musician, lyricist, scholar. It's very rarely that a person like him comes along. There're no percentages in being an Assyrian artist...none at all. Unless a lifetime of scorn and poverty is your thing.

: The Jackster's Club is in charge of his legacy now. Alphonse Odishoo is the one to contact if you want tapes and books. Alphonse is in charge of artists for the Jackster. A certain person named Jeff, who shall remain nameless, wrote to Alphonse several times last year asking for all material relating to Daniel. He wrote and he wrote.

: This is character for you. The works of Daniel are entrusted to someone...who is a designated Eunuch serving the Jackster...and he wont send any material to anyone who has displeased the Jackster. So Jeff writes and he calls and he sends carrier pigeons, but nothing doing. Finally he had to get someone else to do it...someone not on the Jackster's list...yet.

: The only thing Jeff got from them was the summons notifying him that he was being sued by his "dear sister" for two million bucks. They knew where to send the summons because he'd sent them his address so they'd know where to send the Daniel material.

: Clever of them.

*** very true, all true.

One side note: I had the pleasure of listening to the Poetry of Yosip Bet Yosip and Ninos ("Atto") Aho, preceded and followed by none other than Mr. Odisho, poetry and all. Stella and I introduced ourselves to him and we spoke about William Daniel. He explained to us that when they are low on materials (presumably meaning they have to make more copies), if an older person and a younger person are both interested in William Daniel's works, he will tell the older person they are all sold out and sell them to the younger person because "the youth" are our future... he promised that he would send us a list of what they had, etc.

Of course, I never heard from him again.

-- Jeff
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