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Posted by Tony from ? ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 1:43PM :

In Reply to: Conspiracy Money posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 1:21PM :

Money buys happiness not health.

Am I right?

: ....interesting, the word "piracy" is in there.

: Okay...we do sound like conspiracy nuts claiming Mossad was behind the attack in Africa...or anywhere else...that the CIA was behind the downfall of Allende...that the attack on the ship in the Gulf of Tonkin didn't really happen...this is addmittedly confusing stuff and difficult to prove.

: But what isn't in doubt is that capitalists want to make more money and more money and they don't care about long range problems or short range law-breaking.

: If that's beyond doubt...and it should be plain...then you don't need any "proof" for such a statement. It's clear American businessmen will sell weapons and nerve gas and bio stuff anywhere there's money to be made.

: It's instructive that the UN wont be releasing the names of the companies who sold all that poison to Saddam in the first place. In the one case we sold them things that could ONLY have a single use...but wont allow them to buy things like tires or syringes that MIGHT have a "dual use". They're welcome to buy WMD's, when it suits us, but NOT medicine or rubber bands, also when it suits us.

: Congressional hearings outline the collusion between Enron and Citibank to defraud the common investor...your subvert and all the rest of order to sucker people into buying even more worthless stock.

: It may be far more difficult to prove what the CIA or Mossad does...or even to prove what American corporations are doing to us...but it's known to us all that people will do just about anything...illegal, immoral and just plain make more money...including starve people, sell people weapons that are meant to be used...even against us...and to act in every way necessasry to make more matter what.

: We don't know about covert ops because you or I have no experience of these things personally and probably wouldn't find ourselves in a position to engage in them...but every one of us wants to make as much money as we can it should some as no surprise that weapons makers...and companies who develop these capabilities...would do so for the same order to make all the money they can.

: Why should they act with restraint? It's considered a distinction to make lots of money...when you get into a postion to make LOTS and lots of money...the rules change...that's just the way it is.

: We are the enemy. This system we grew into in order to get out of Feudalism and put the Industrial Revolution to work for us...has brought us to this point...profits, especially obscene ones are a laudatory goal..."if we don't do it someone else will". If some money will buy you good health care...lots of money will get you LOTS of health care. It doesn't work of course because improved health care isn't as important as improved profit from whatever health care pays the most.

: If nice homes are made from timber...VERY nice homes...and LOTS of them, will be made from LOTS of forrests chopped down and turned into building material.

: We will eventually have "all that money can buy"...and less and less of the things we already know it can't joy, peace, happiness and loving sex.

-- Tony
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