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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 9:03PM :

Shawn wrote Jeff a letter telling him what a scumbag I was and how rich Jackie was, once you boiled it down...(at $350 an hour lawyer's can write!). He said Jackie and he knew Jeff hadn't done anything...she was just suing him so he wouldn't do anything in the future. He also said all would be forgiven and Jeff restored to favor, nekkid and all...if he would just write a letter to Jackie "distancing" himself from yoors trooly.

That and of course a whole lot of legal nonsense Shawn hurled at Jeff about how they could get a court order authorizing Jackie to pluck Jeff's pubic hair, one by one...with her teeth...if he didn't recant.

To his credit, I think, Jeff didn't agree to co-operate...and the Jackster ploy cost the Federation several thousand dollars, and climbing...because that was when I decided to counter-sue them.

Nothing was to stop Jeff from writing the letter to Jackie. Except he hadn't done anything to her. Shawn addmitted that Jeff hadn't written a single word against was just their "opinion" that Jeff was making it possible for me to write what I was writing...that without Jeff, yoors trooly wouldn't have known WHAT to do...couldn't archive my own children can't set up a website.

Jeff helped in the beginning, it's true. But so what? If someone writes a slanderous article about you and you want to sue them for it...are you also going to sue the company that made the paper and the other one that made the ink ?

But...if Jeff was secretly trying to "attack" Jackie...wouldn't it have been easy enough to write the letter...and go right on doing whatever they thought he was doing? How are you going to prove Jeff did anything? And what's the big technical deal in having the simple forum we have?

Jackie likes to get people where their soul is...where their integrity is. She has all the money she needs...and she knows better than anybody that the people impressed by her...are easily impressed. Jeff was a hold out. She thought she had him...after all, how would your average male respond to a letter from a buxom, big assed woman who called him her "naked warrior"?

For the price of a few empty bubbles of praise...she was sure she had him. And then she found out she didn't...far from it. That infuriated her no end. How much more her humiliation when, even with a two million dollar suit against him, Jeff told her to take a flying a leap...nicely.

You'd have thought someone who called Jeff her, "darling hope"...told him she was his, "dear sister"...said her home was his home whenever he came to California...called him her, "Sweetheart"...would have at least sent one message asking him if he was indeed helping me in any way...and would he please stop because she was being hurt or whatever. Just, "Sweetheart"...and then a summons mailed to him at an address they only learned because he'd sent a request for the music of William Daniel.

If we stand up to these people...they'll fade away. They aren't made of anything. My livelihood and work depended on my being Assyrian...and damn good at it too. Theirs comes from being bank tellers, merchants and engineers. If Jackie had to earn her bread by being the kind of Assyrian she's been...she'd have quit being Assyrian long ago. But as a her spare time...and without the need to perform to any serious level of expectations or get anything meaningful done...she's our "best" leader.

If we have nothing meaningful to achieve...we have Jackie and Nimrod and Golani to take us nowhere.

Anyway...I sure as hell hope she doesn't drop her suit against me.

-- pancho
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