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Posted by Tony from ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 11:51PM :

Published on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 by The Michigan Daily
University of Michigan
MSA Anti-War Resolution Passes with Much Debate
by Carmen Johnson

After weeks of debate and postponements, the Resolution Against a War in Iraq was voted upon and passed, 22 to 13, at last night's Michigan Student Assembly meeting. MSA will now work with anti-war student groups to promote dialogue and educational events pertaining to the war.

Daily MSA rep. Andrew Labovitz listens to constituents discuss the "Resolution Against the War in Iraq." (Photo/Frank Payne)

It has also been resolved that MSA will urge President Bush not to preemptively or unilaterally start a war with Iraq and encourage the Bush administration to pursue a peaceful diplomatic resolution built upon international support.

The assembly's last meeting of the semester saw a packed chamber with constituents speaking for and against the resolution. Many constituents urged the representatives to vote on the resolution because they said the war on Iraq affects the students on campus, addressing some concerns about the resolution.

"This resolution is entirely relevant. If we go to war, the money is going to come from us, the education budget," said LSA sophomore Matt Hollerbach, a member of Anti-War Action!.

LSA junior Mike Medow said the resolution is similar to resolutions passed at other universities.

"We have to do this locally because they aren't hearing us on the national scale. That's why other universities and cities have passed anti-war resolutions," Medow said.

Some constituents opposed to the resolution said it does not represent every student on campus.

"Does the resolution speak for the entire student body? It's not about pro- or anti-war. It's about 'are we going to be able to influence Bush?'" LSA Representative Paul Scott said.

LSA representative Pete Woiwode said MSA should be voting yes on this resolution.

"We are elected to make decisions on students' behalf. This is obliviously a student issue because every student would be affected if a war should happen," Woiwode said during the debate.

MSA Election Director Collin McGlashen, speaking against the resolution, said passing the resolution will be detrimental.

"I'm afraid that people will be asking for a refund if this passes. I don't want this campus to feel that their student government isn't taking care of them as they should," McGlashen said.

"In my opinion, the fact that MSA passed this resolution shows that MSA should focus on working on issues that directly affect students," LSA representative Sarra Nazem said.

MSA also elected its new chairs for various committees, only chaired by elected representatives, such as the Budget Priorities Committee and commissions, which may be chaired by students at large such as the Peace and Justice Commission.

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