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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, December 12, 2002 at 9:40AM :

I accept the fact that Americans can be slimey rat bastards...that being American doesn't sanctify you. These Assrins of ours play the same game the ultra-patriotic goons do...naturally. For anyone to disagree with them, with their definition of patriotism or what it is to be American, places that person outside the realm of "American"...that's exactly what an UN-American would do, think like that.

Contrary to Assrins fondest wishes...this country is not about that kind of blind stupidness. To be American MEANS you don't follow along when told's supposed to mean innovation and independence. This isn't supposed to be a country of "Yes" men and women.

These "friends of America", are doing the country a disservice...but they ARE American...nothing "un" about them. Americans can be assholes and pricks and idots and murderers and child-killers...and anyone who says that you have to go along with this if you are a "friend" of America's is as ignorant and clueless about the richness and variety and scope of being American as can be...

We loved America when we wanted it out of Vietnam...didn't want America sending 58,000 Americans to their deaths, or killing three million innocent Vietnamese.

If we allowed Kissinger to be American, we'll take anything.

-- pancho
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