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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, December 13, 2002 at 2:32PM :

Seems their state poet wrote a poem in which ONE line seemed to reaffirm the idea that Jews were told to stay home on 9/11 and not go to the Twin Towers. Whatever you think about the worse than any number of things we're expected to swallow about Palestinians, or insults hurled at Islam and'd have thought in America a poet could write something like that and survive.

Not so...unable to force him to resign...Lott wont either...the state legialature has acted unanimously to do away with the office...not to silence the man mind you...not to censor anyone, don't you know...but, in the words of one legislator, "Because art should make people feel good".

Now if that didn't come right from the aina of beth I don't know what.

This country has the potential to become the scariest dictatorship of them all.

The Right has been working for some time to get religious education paid for by the rest of us...and they really do believe the Black man is inferior and women belong under their husbands...ALL the time...and the Faith Based Initiative plus school vouchers...due to a "sad" lack of funds for public education...will mean generations of blue-eyed white kids being taught that their brand of Christianity is the only kind...and will wonder increasingly how a "militant and nihilistic" religion such as Islam ever was allowed into this sacred country that has a mandate from their god to rule the world..."oh YEA brothers and sisters"!!!

These guys all work for that distant future...while the rest of us go see our progressive movies...get high...drink overpriced coffee and revel in the same kind of freedom Sodom and Gomorrah and Berlin of the teenns enjoyed...we're fiddling while the Fascists are fine tuning ...and we're so easily duped by their outward expressions of devotion to democracy and freedom you know damn well they wouldn't allow if they ran the show. Give 'em time...give 'em time. They've already made great strides...thank GOD we have that ultra liberal Media to protect us all!

-- pancho
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