"Ecrasez l'Infame"..Erase The Infamy

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Posted by pancho from pool0054.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, December 13, 2002 at 3:06PM :

In Reply to: Jews Virtual Library posted by Tony from ? ( on Friday, December 13, 2002 at 1:20PM :

You can't blame Jews...ultra conservative or not...you can't blame anyone but the good people without whose cooperation none of this could happen.

If the people of Denmark hadn't backed their courageous king when he defied the Nazis...the Jews there would have been lost.

Let Jews do all they can to improve their sorry history at the hands of Christians...I still can't fault them entirely. The United States is using them, as it has used its own people,( there as many rotten people in this country as there are in Israel, or Baghdad)...as they would use us, if we were of any use to anybody.

It's us...it's us...it's us. There are more women than men...more darkies than whites...more Democrats than Republicans and certainly more decent people than Christians. You have to work for what you want. "They" are.

America is NOT a Christian country. It is a country that allows freedom of ALL and ANY religious viewpoints so long as they don't conflict or interfere with the Law of the Land. That is a precious gift hard fought and dearly won. I know it sounds innocent enough and appealing to say it is, or should be...but once they make it official...you're going to see a more repressive and militant America than any you can imagine.

For years Voltaire signed every letter, every pamphlet with that line..."Erase The Infamy". He meant organized Christianity. His writings have become blase because he fought his battles so successfully... helped finalize the nailing of the coffin of the Christian Corporation...and we had an Enlightenment and a blossoming of reason and science such as the world never knew. He did the job so well, we can't appreciate the task facing him and the incredible courage and energy of a man his age tackiling that murderous institution.

It's making a come-back...all religious intolerance is...and all of them calling on the same god to approve of their murders. We're rolling back...except you don't really...we're going to a new place, where the organized terror of the past has at its disposal unimaginable weapons of destruction in the hands of Christian nations...and they will use it because this is a religious war...no matter how much Bush denies it...and because as the founder of Saudi Arabia said...in a religious war you have to kill everybody...there can be no room for compromise when your god demands total subservience to his will.

Erase the Infamy BEFORE it grows....stamp out religion! The only religion that counts is one that truly sees us all as brothers and sisters and encourages us all to express a belief or non-belief in god in any way we choose...so as to almost make it pointless to discuss. I will NOT take sides in this prelude to Armageddon.

All people are "our own"...all of them!

I'm am an African, a Jew, German Chinaman, an Assyrian...I'm Christian, Jew and Muslim...shaaman, shinto, atheist...they are me and I am them...I enjoy all of them...I want all of them to be as safe and secure as I want Assyrians to be...let them guard and nourish their cultures so that I may benefit form the richness and variety and wealth we Humans have created...and let me be an advocate for my own Heritage's contributions. If I attack them...they will attack me, it's that simple.

All of these wars have made no one secure...and we have the weapons and the poisons to outdo in harm what any tribe of Hottentots and cannibals managed the world ever saw.

There has never been as much savagery in this world as there is stalking among us now...especially when you consider that we should know better after all we've been through as Humans on this planet.

-- pancho
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