Library of Assyrian Sociopathology # 3

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Posted by andreas from ( on Friday, December 13, 2002 at 5:48PM :

Or this one:

Claiming directly GOD to be an Assyrian national asset:
(in response to Library of Assyrian Sociopathology # 2)


" .... Dear Rabi Qasha,

We would be so glad and proud as well if Jesus would have any relation to us ethnically.

But I would comment that Jesus in his humanity is the son of Mary, and he's the Word of God that was in the bginning (John, 1) this means that he existed before Assyrians and Jews.

Secondly, there is no person in the history called Ashur, because Ashur is the mighty God himself (Asharru=The Biginning) But the Jewish personality in the old testament (That we call Prophets) inveted names such as Aram, Ashur, Schem... and relied them to the old Mesopotamian methologies to another imaginary personality named Noah (Ziosodra=Babylonian, Utempeshtim=Sumerian). In other words, if they had any idea about the barbrian tribes in Europe (Which existed before the Jews), they would attach them to another personality called "Barbar" :)).

I think it's wrong that today's Assyrians name their children "Ashor" because this is an insult to God. And the Assyrian Kings in the history used the God's name (Ashor) only as nick name, for example: In Arabic we can use "Abd-Allah" (God's Worshiper) or in Greek "Theodoros", but the Greeks do nemver name their children as "Theos".

So I believe that Jesus (Theologically at least) is the son of the mighty God ("Ashur" in Assyria, and not "Alaha"), or the word of God that dessended to earth and turned to Human (John, 1:14). ....."

-- andreas
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