Hail to the Master of Platitudes !

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Posted by andreas from dtm2-t7-2.mcbone.net ( on Friday, December 13, 2002 at 7:22PM :

In Reply to: Ironic posted by pancho from pool0385.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, December 13, 2002 at 7:04PM :

: The same country that has frozen Iraqi assets...that wont allow Iraq to buy a host of "dual use" items, that has been oppressing Iraqi children with a sword and worse hanging over their heads...threatening their mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and grandparents...that blocks medicine and ruins water supplies...ALSO provides a home for a few people to raise money to send soap to a few people in Iraq...is a gross affront to everything humane and decent.

: You guys want to help the people of Iraq...Assyrians among them...have nothing to do with any opposition groups anywhere...declare total opposition to Sanctions that clearly harm the most vulnerable and demand of this government that it release the plentiful assets of Iraq...which are more than enough to provide water, roofs, pumps, medicine and schools and you name it, all by themselves...as they WERE doing!!!

: To ruin Iraq's water supplies and then send a thimblefull from America...the same entity that ruined their water supply, is insulting as well as ineffective.

: Who is kidding whom? Is this a way to assuage our guilt? That although we've helped kill several thousands of our own Assyrians who happen not to be Christian...as well as hundreds if not thousands who were Christian...or stood by in embarrassed silence... can also say with a straight face..."Look at us...we just sent a ton of badly needed band-aids"?

: We're either serious or we aren't. Those who are killing our people over there...and destroying our Heritage and looting our treasures are serious...deadly serious.

+++ Hail to the Master of Platitudes !

-- andreas
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