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Posted by Lilly from D007046.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 1:55AM :

In Reply to: Let it put me this way ... posted by andreas from ( on Friday, December 13, 2002 at 6:56PM :

: : : Sorry, but ...

: : : As I've indicated I'm just on the fly and therefore I'd regard it very expedient to concentrate on the original message in which this Assyrian idiot Qasha was claiming "Jesus Christ in his birth and humanity is an Assyrian/Jew".

: : xxx So, if Abraham was Chaldean, then where the hades do you think his wives were from? Or anyone else who married into his family's tribe? The Israelites didn't just appear from nowhere! They're descended from lots of different people, just like anyone else in the Mid East, or even the rest of the world, today... who all had the same ancestors who crawled & slithered their ways up onto dry land from the primordial ooze. Jesus may very well have been Babylonian.

: ### Let it put me this way ...:
: The People to become known later as Jews left Mesopotamia because there was no chance anymoe for human development - at least not for prgression of the most important future-oriented part.

xxx My mom likes to tell the story this way: "Abraham was a miserable man, most likely kicked out of Ur b/c he was so damned stubborn that no one could tolerate him anymore, just like your Assyrian grandfather! & now look at what he's responsible for!" Anyway, she's joking, but you don't sound like you're joking... You sound like you think that people from the Mid East are backward folk... & you've been sounding progressively more like that. How sad, andreas. How sad for you. To think that you'd waste your time here, then, to just bash on an entire civilization... & moreover, this certain civilization is the root of all civilizations - from Babylon to modern Baghdad, Iraq was the center of the world... until the Gulf War. People from all over Africa, Asia, & Europe would travel to what is now Iraq to trade, exchanging ideas that traveled to all corners of those continents. How can you call that backward? The world has yet to see something that tolerant & truly global again.

-- Lilly
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