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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 6:40AM :

Farrell did a very important thing...he refused to play the "news" game by the rules the corporate media set up...he said, "shut up" other words, "I don't want to hear it, don't want to play". He didn't accept the idiotic premise to every discussion about Iraq and Saddam...which is that these guys are telling us the truth...the unvarnished truth.

Same with us and our basic premises

1. Assyrians can only be Christians. And...Muslim Assyrians have to play by Christian rules.

2. We can help Christians in Iraq with band-aids while this government sends depleted uranium.

3. Saddam is re-naming Assyrian, "Arab".

4. We can neglect our Heritage round the world but have every right and duty to lecture the Iraqis on what they should be doing about it.

5. And...if we don't like the way they're doing it, it still means we have no responsibility ourselves or obligation, except to complain even louder

6. And almost finally...through sniveling and toadying lies our true future as Assyrians ( gag and yuck).

Change the rules...tell this crop of leeders to "shut up". Let's find something a bit more conducive to pride and self-worth...something honorable and worthy of achievement. It's a new perspective on being Assyrian, I know...but this other way hasn't worked at all...we just shrink the borders of Assyria each decade and say, "Now about a dance"?

-- pancho
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